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An Overview of the Servisource Winter Plan

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An Overview of the Servisource Winter Plan

An Overview of the Servisource Winter Plan

Servisource recognises the unique challenges facing the HSE this winter. We are fully prepared for a winter where healthcare service demand may surge and we have consistently played a pivotal role in supporting the Irish Health Service during the demanding winter months. The Servisource annual Winter Plan has been a beacon of assurance for the healthcare sector, providing the right people at the right time, guaranteeing continuity of patient care, supplying fast, flexible, and reliable staff at short notice.

An overview of the Servisource Winter Plan demonstrates that Servisource is not only ready to embrace the upcoming healthcare challenges but is also committed to making a meaningful impact to the healthcare sector and beyond.

A message from Servisource’s CEO Declan Murphy

As we stand on the threshold of a new winter season, I am reminded of the journey we’ve undertaken over the past six years where Servisource has supported the Irish Health Service during the harsh winter months. We remain dedicated and are poised to meet the growing needs of the healthcare sector by providing the right people with the right skills and knowledge in the right place.

With the simultaneous circulation of COVID-19 and the seasonal flu, these challenges will undoubtedly impact healthcare demand and delivery. Servisource provides a diverse team of skilled healthcare professionals to ensure patients receive appropriate care. Our support extends beyond hospital walls with personalised homecare packages and we are dedicated to supporting patients every step of the way. Our approach to meeting these challenges revolves around four key pillars:

Waiting List Initiatives

Servisource is dedicated to addressing the persistent issue of lengthy healthcare waiting lists. In response to the 2023 Waiting List Action Plan from the HSE, we offer a comprehensive Managed Step-down Unit Solution to help alleviate the backlog. Our patient-centered approach aligns with the HSE’s vision for timely and transparent access to care. Servisource offers a tailored approach to address the unique challenges and needs of healthcare institutions by providing insourced solutions for those who want control over their operations and outsourced solutions for those seeking comprehensive support.

Our clinical team comprises professionals from diverse medical backgrounds, ensuring well-rounded patient care. The Servisource Waiting List Initiative Services aim to improve the overall patient experience by reducing wait times, promoting early intervention, and streamlining the discharge process. This patient-centric approach ensures smooth transitions and optimal care outcomes.

Building CapacityBuilding Capacity

Building Capacity

Servisource is fully committed to supporting the HSE in expanding healthcare capacity in alignment with the Sláintecare vision, offering a workforce solution with highly trained nursing and support staff for acute services. Sláintecare’s vision is to introduce a universal health and
social care system where everyone has equitable access to services based on need and not their ability to pay.

We provide community services in all CHO areas, offer homecare services with Myhomecare, advanced technology, and specialise in Community-based Step-down Units. Our rapid community response nurse-led team ensures prompt homecare after a hospital assessment, while the managed step-down unit solution reduces bed occupancy rates and promotes efficient discharges, minimising readmissions.

Our Isaac Care brand leverages cutting-edge technology for precise care delivery, including 24/7 fall monitoring, remote health monitoring, and vital sign tracking within 3-days post-discharge.

Our Reablement Program supports client recovery at home with specially trained care staff nationwide and data-driven decisions by clinicians improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions.

The Myhomecare and Isaac Care collaboration redefines healthcare delivery, enhancing egress and fostering a healthier community.

Building CapacityBuilding Capacity

Workforce Planning

Servisource offers comprehensive workforce solutions, including permanent, contract, and temporary staff, addressing the challenges of workforce turnover and unexpected demands. With a global reach, we ensure a diverse talent pool to meet healthcare needs. Amidst a 7.7% staff turnover rate in 2021 and challenges like the vaccination rollout and cyber-attacks, Servisource provides stability and flexibility in the Irish healthcare market. We have a proven track record with HBS, providing end-to-end recruitment services across various roles, from clerical to clinical staff.

With our Specialist Solutions, adherence to standards, and central recruitment team, we ensure access to skilled professionals and cost-effective temporary staff solutions, backed by a strong track record in healthcare recruitment. Our ‘Check Your Candidate’ screening service offers rapid access to candidate qualifications and references for employers. While our global reach ensures access to top candidates for permanent positions, including international and domestic nurses.

Building CapacityBuilding Capacity


Vaccines serve as a shield to protect some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. With a particular emphasis on the elderly population, ensuring they are fully vaccinated is paramount to reducing admissions to emergency departments. Servisource has been actively supporting the HSE and healthcare facilities in their vaccination efforts, including COVID-19 and influenza vaccines. We have qualified vaccinators and a mobile clinic for efficient vaccination across Ireland.

In our 2023/2024 Autumn/Winter campaign, we aim to offer the co-administration of COVID-19 boosters and seasonal influenza vaccines, improving convenience and comprehensive protection for eligible individuals. Servisource can quickly recruit compliant swabbers for COVID-19 testing if needed, demonstrating a commitment to a responsive healthcare workforce.

In a world filled with uncertainty, Servisource remains steadfast and unwavering, our tagline, ‘Servisource, Right When You Need Us,’ reinforces our dedication to being the preferred recruitment provider. Together, we can navigate the winter, ensuring the highest quality of care for all in need.

Servisource contributes to improved patient outcomes and the efficient operation of healthcare facilities. Our commitment to healthcare excellence is evident in our comprehensive services, from Healthcare,
Business Support, and Clerical Temp to Healthcare Perm, connecting facilities with skilled professionals. Uniquely positioned in the Irish market to provide the health service with workforce stability and flexibility, reinforcing our commitment as ‘Winter Warriors’ with an unwavering focus on patient well-being and continuity of care.

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