Winter Planning 2023 – 2024

Standing ready this winter


As we stand on the threshold of a new winter season, Servisource has consistently played a pivotal role in supporting the Irish Health Service during the demanding winter months. Our annual Winter Plan has been a beacon of assurance for the healthcare sector.

With society more open this winter, there’s an anticipation of increased community transmission of both Covid-19 and seasonal flu, presenting new and complex challenges. This dynamic shift calls for a higher level of preparedness, resilience, and innovation. In this context, the 2023 Waiting List Action Plan from the HSE serves as a poignant reminder of the task at hand.

The Servisource Winter Plan ensures the HSE can focus on what matters most, your patients, by providing the right people with the right skills and knowledge, from clerical officers, triage nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, porters to catering staff. Servisource staff will care for your patients every step of the way, even after discharge, through our bespoke homecare packages.

Where Servisource can support you this winter…

Servisource Winter Planning 2023/2024


Servisource recognises the unique challenges facing the HSE this winter, with the simultaneous circulation of COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. These challenges will undoubtedly impact healthcare demand and delivery. Our approach to meeting these challenges revolves around our four key pillars:

Waiting List Initiatives

We are committed to supporting the HSE in reducing waiting list numbers and improving access to scheduled care. Our Specialist Services team is ready to provide capacity for disability assessments in the community and in-sourced models for areas like urology, plastics, and orthopedics.

Building Capacity

Servisource aims to assist the HSE in optimising and creating capacity across all stages of the patient pathway. From admission avoidance to inpatient flow and egress, we’re aligned with the Sláintecare vision of ‘the right patient in the right place at the right time.’

Workforce Planning

Our comprehensive workforce solutions encompass permanent, contract, and contingent temporary staff. We understand the challenges posed by workforce turnover and additional requirements brought on by unforeseen events. Our recruitment services extend globally to ensure a diverse talent pool for your needs.

Vaccinations/ Swabbers

As winter approaches, we’re gearing up to support your vaccination efforts, including co-administration of COVID-19 boosters and the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme. And should the need arise for swabbers to test for COVID-19, Servisource is equipped to rapidly recruit compliant swabbers.

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Servisource Temporary Healthcare

We specialise in sourcing agency Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Support Staff for temporary placements. We promptly deliver reliable staffing solutions, maintaining a 95% shift fill rate with 1000+ temporary workers, providing 365 days a year coverage, and guaranteeing a 1-hour response time to meet your unique needs while ensuring seamless continuity of care during peak periods.

Our dedicated team places the utmost importance on patient safety and well-being, providing reliable staffing solutions promptly that meet your unique needs, ensuring seamless continuity of care during peak periods.

Our cost-effective staffing solutions ease your workload, and our booking app, ‘ZAPP,’ streamlines shift management.

With our deep understanding of the Irish health system and commitment to compliance, we provide peace of mind by delivering fully compliant professionals who uphold the highest standards of patient care. Our regional, national, and global reach enables access to healthcare professionals in the right place, while our focus on local staffing minimises travel time and maximises responsiveness.

Servisource Permanent Healthcare

Servisource’s Permanent Healthcare Division maintains a diverse pipeline of nurses, both domestically and internationally, including the UK, Europe, India, and South Africa. Our comprehensive recruitment services encompass shortlisting candidates, interview panel preparation, compliance, contracts, and onboarding, handling tasks like PPS, bank accounts, GNIB, and work permits.

In 2023, Servisource’s Permanent Healthcare Division successfully relocated approximately 291 nurses and midwives to both the public and private sectors across Ireland, with a conversion rate of 1 in 3 candidates from interview to offer. The process typically takes 12-16 weeks from the offer stage to relocating an International Nurses/AHP into Ireland.

What sets us apart is our unique candidate onboarding process. Each nurse is personally greeted at the airport by a Servisource representative, provided with a Welcome Pack that includes a sim card to connect with loved ones, and escorted to their accommodation. This ensures a smooth transition, allowing nurses to join the workforce within as little as 8 weeks, depending on the sourcing location.

Myhomecare, Ireland’s leading JCI Accredited homecare agency, has the capacity to manage Homecare packages across all 9 CHO areas prioritising Home First. Patient safety and patient centred care are at the core of all our services.

Our Rapid Community Response Nurse Lead Team, supported by Clinical Nurse Managers, Client Care Managers and Bookings Coordinators allows us to commence care in the home within 24 hours after the Clients Hospital Assessment has taken place. This enables a speedy discharge from Hospital to Home, allowing for much needed increased hospital bed capacity.

Myhomecare’s qualified and experienced Nurses and HCA’s will ensure continuity of care and patient safety. Supported by our One Touch Technology bookings system, this technology reinforces our remote care management platform driving standards of high-quality care and patient safety.

Myhomecare is working in partnership with Isaac Care. Isaac Care is an innovative solution which harnesses the benefits of assistive technology to provide support for the hours of the day when our staff and family members cannot be present. It provides reassurance and peace of mind for the client and their families, while also allowing us to better tailor our care to the clients’ needs and monitor any change in their needs over time. The introduction of Isaac Care to our clients ensures that our clients receive high quality care 24/7.

Myhomecare provide PPE, adhering to all infection control measures as advised by the HSE Public Health Department. Our COVID – 19 preparedness plans are available on our website

Isaac Care Assistive Technology

Isaac Care is an assistive technology solution aimed at supporting people to live safely and independently in their own homes. Leveraging the benefits of assistive technology along with 24/7 care, Isaac Care allows for the right care to be delivered in the right place and at the right time.

Isaac Care uses the latest technology to ensure our clients are safe and well. We provide a 24/7 fall monitoring service, remotely monitor our clients’ health readings, and alert their circle of care if we notice any changes in their health over time. We can also allow clinicians access to the data, facilitating data driven decision making and enabling better patient outcomes.

Our vision is to utilise assistive technology to improve the quality of care delivered within the community. We are committed to making an impact on our clients by enabling them to live safely and independently in their own homes, while providing peace of mind to those caring for them. Learn more by visiting

Business Support

Our Business Support Team specialises in providing comprehensive staffing solutions to meet your needs, whether temporary, permanent, or contract positions. We supply Clerical and Medical Secretary and Admin staff across all HSE facilities nationwide, including Primary Care, Acute Hospitals, Maternity Care, and Mental Health Services.

Our Business Support & Clerical Temp team specialises in comprehensive staffing solutions, offering temporary, permanent, or contract positions, providing Clerical, Medical Secretary, and Admin staff across all HSE facilities.

With 20+ years of experience, we place 4,500 hours per week with 210 active temps and maintain a database of 1.5 million, providing a no placement, no fee policy to eliminate risks for the HSE.

We handle the entire recruitment process, from advertising to placement and post-placement support, reducing the HSE’s workload. Each HSE client had access to a dedicated Account Manager and specialised Recruitment Team to assist throughout the recruitment journey. Our goal is to minimise staff turnover by recruiting high-quality Clerical Officer candidates tailored to specific HSE departments. We also offer a no placement, no fee policy, eliminating risks for the HSE.

Assisted Admissions

The Assisted Admissions Team provides a specialised mental health patient transport service across Ireland on behalf of the HSE. This service allows for the transfer to or return of a person to an approved centre in accordance with section 13 and section 27, of the mental Health Act, 2001.

Our Assisted Admissions team are vetted by the HSE and fully qualified in the safe transfer of mental health patients.

Allied Admissions service is the only such service in the world to be accredited to Joint Commission International Standards (JCI) and operates to ISO 9000:2015 standards in terms of its systems and processes. Learn more by visiting

Servisource Training

Servisource Training provides extensive tailor-made, flexible training for all companies to cater for their individual needs both online and classroom training.

Courses available include Patient Moving & Handling, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Basic Life Support, Heartsaver AED, MAPA (Management of Actual Potential Aggression) and Fire Safety Awareness.

All our trainers have a wide range of qualifications and experience that can be utilised for any project.

Servisource Occupational Health

Servisource Occupational Health facilitates Pre-employment screening medicals for all Doctors & Nurses entering the HSE hospitals and facilities. Our Occupational Health Division has a nationwide network of Occupational Health Nurses & Doctors including a mobile screening clinic which can be deployed to any location.

We provide a range of Health Screening programs and Health Surveillance services, including Vaccinations.

Servisource Occupational Health can look after the Health & Wellbeing of all HSE staff members by providing wellness programmes to educate employees on developing individual practical changes to promote physical, mental & social wellbeing.

Services on offer:

  • Covid-19 PCR & Antigen Testing
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Health Screening programmes
  • Corporate wellness & workplace wellbeing
  • Occupational Medicals

Waiting List Initiatives

In a healthcare landscape where the government and the HSE are intensifying efforts to tackle the persistent issue of lengthy waiting lists for scheduled care, Servisource emerges as a dedicated partner committed to making a meaningful impact. Recognising that acute hospital waiting lists have been a longstanding challenge, the 2023 Waiting List Action Plan from the HSE underscores the need for innovative solutions. In response, Servisource offers a comprehensive Managed Step-down Unit Solution, poised to alleviate the waiting list backlog.

With a focus on providing high-quality healthcare services and patient-centered care, Servisource is well-equipped to support the HSE’s vision of timely and transparent access to scheduled care, aligning seamlessly with Sláintecare reforms.

Patient-Centered Initiative

Recognising that every healthcare institution has its unique challenges and requirements, we provide both insourced and outsourced solutions to ensure optimal results. We offer tailored insourced solutions for healthcare institutions that prefer to maintain control over their operations and resources. For institutions looking for a hands-off approach or lacking resources, our outsourced solutions provide a comprehensive answer.

Experienced Clinical Teams

Our seasoned clinical team comprises professionals from various medical disciplines, our team brings together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to patient care. Our clinicians hail from diverse medical backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded approach to patient care. This diversity guarantees patients receive tailored care that meets their specific needs.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes

The Servisource Waiting List Initiative Services aims to enhance the overall patient experience and outcomes. Timely access to quality healthcare is crucial, and prolonged waiting times can exacerbate health issues, leading to complications and prolonged recovery periods. Patients no longer face the stress of extended wait times. Early intervention often translates to quicker recovery times, fewer complications, and reduced hospital stays.

Efficient Hospital Discharges

Implementing our step-down unit solution ensures more efficient discharges, minimising readmissions, and optimising patient care pathways. We work closely with healthcare institutions to streamline the discharge process, ensuring patients can return home without unnecessary delays. Our approach revolves around the patient’s well-being. Patients receive the necessary support, medications, and follow-up care for a smooth transition.

Building Capacity

Servisource is fully committed to aiding the HSE in enhancing and expanding its healthcare capacity throughout the patient journey. Our efforts span four critical areas, all in line with the Sláintecare vision of achieving the ‘right patient in the right place at the right time.’

Admission Avoidance/Alternative Pathways

Our primary solution in this arena is a workforce solution. Our pool of highly trained, compliant nursing and support staff can be activated at a moment’s notice, providing invaluable support to acute services within all hospital groups.

Community Care

Servisource is equipped to provide community services in all CHO areas, deploying well-trained and compliant nursing and support staff, including Multi-task Attendants, for versatile clinical and support roles. Our JCI-accredited Myhomecare service guarantees service continuity, incorporating cutting-edge technology and high patient safety standards. This includes state-of-the-art One-Touch technology booking systems that reinforce our remote care management platform. Our Specialist Solutions team further ensures community service continuity by increasing staffing solutions, collaborating with community-based step-down units, and conducting psychological assessments in the disability services sector.

Services for Older People and Egress

Servisource specialises in facilitating Egress, introducing a partnership between our JCI Accredited homecare agency, Myhomecare, and our assistive technology service, Isaac Care. Together, we offer innovative nationwide solutions. Our Rapid Community Response Nurse-Led Team, initiates care at home within 24 hours of a hospital assessment, enhancing patient comfort and increasing hospital bed capacity.

Isaac Care leverages cutting-edge technology for precise care delivery, including 24/7 fall monitoring, remote health monitoring, and vital sign tracking within 3-days post-discharge.

Myhomecare manages homecare packages across 9 CHO areas, prioritizing Home First and patient-centered care. Our Rapid Community Response Nurse-Led Team initiates home-based care within 24 hours, enhancing patient comfort and freeing hospital beds.

Our Reablement program supports client recovery at home with specially trained care staff nationwide. Data-driven decisions by clinicians improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions. The Myhomecare and Isaac Care collaboration redefines healthcare delivery, enhancing Egress and fostering a healthier community.

Community Beds

Servisource offers Specialist Solutions, including step-down units, providing beds and staffing solutions to bridge the gap between hospital and home. Offering a comprehensive Managed Step-Down Unit Solution that addresses the long-term needs of patients and the challenges of delayed discharges. By implementing our managed step-down unit solution, hospitals can benefit from a significant reduction in bed occupancy rates, facilitating more efficient hospital discharges and minimising readmission.

Workforce Planning / Recruitment

As the healthcare landscape faces unprecedented challenges, the availability of a consistent health workforce is paramount. In 2021, the health service grappled with an average staff turnover rate of 7.7%, as reported in the HSE’s Health Sector Workforce Turnover report. This figure, coupled with unforeseen workforce demands due to the national vaccination rollout, the criminal cyber-attack, and surges of COVID-19 over the past 18 months, underscores the urgent need for a dependable workforce solution.

Servisource is uniquely positioned in the Irish market to provide the health service with workforce stability and flexibility, reinforcing our commitment as ‘Winter Warriors.’

Comprehensive Workforce Solutions

Servisource offers a full spectrum of workforce solutions, spanning permanent, contract, and temporary staff, ensuring the right workforce stability for healthcare’s unique demands. Our Specialist Solutions cover both insourced and outsourced teams, tailored to your specific needs.

Winter Staffing Solutions

During winter, we respond rapidly to unexpected staff absences, providing fully trained, locally-based temporary healthcare professionals. Operating under ISO and HIQA standards, holding JCI accreditation, our commitment to workforce stability, and meeting healthcare industry needs ensures you have the right skilled professionals in the right place.

Expertise in Recruitment

With a central recruitment team, we have a nationwide reach to provide cost-effective temporary staff solutions.

We have a proven track record with HBS, providing end-to-end recruitment services across various roles, from clerical to clinical staff.

Global Recruitment and Verification

Our global reach ensures access to top candidates for permanent positions, including international and domestic nurses. Our ‘Check Your Candidate’ pre-employment screening service offers employers rapid access to candidate qualifications and references.

Vaccinations / Swabbers

As we prepare for an intense flu and COVID-19 winter season, our focus on vaccinations takes center stage. These vital vaccines serve as a shield to protect some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society. With a particular emphasis on the elderly population, ensuring they are fully vaccinated is paramount to reducing admissions to emergency departments.


For the past year, Servisource has been at the forefront of supporting the HSE and healthcare facilities in their vaccination efforts. Our qualified and compliant vaccinators have played a pivotal role in the successful rollout of not only the COVID-19 vaccination campaign but also the influenza vaccine.

Our Occupational Health Division boasts a nationwide network of Occupational Health Nurses and staff, including a fully equipped mobile clinic. This clinic can be deployed to any location across Ireland, facilitating efficient and accessible vaccinations.


In line with the evolving healthcare landscape, the Autumn/Winter campaign 2023/2024 brings a novel approach. It aims to offer eligible individuals the opportunity for co-administration of both the COVID-19 booster and the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine simultaneously, where possible. This streamlined approach not only enhances convenience but also ensures that the most vulnerable among us receive comprehensive protection.


In the event that community swabbing becomes necessary for COVID-19 testing, Servisource is equipped to rapidly recruit compliant swabbers. Our commitment to a responsive and agile healthcare workforce remains unwavering.


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