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We pride ourselves on being the leading recruitment partner for the Irish Healthcare industry, connecting you with expert international talent ready to make a significant impact on your workforce. Our dedicated division specialises in sourcing Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Support Staff from various global regions. We understand the challenges of finding the right candidates for your specific requirements, and that’s where our expertise comes in.

Finding the perfect candidate to complement your healthcare team can be an overwhelming task. Our dedicated team takes care of every aspect of the recruitment process, from screening and interviews to compliance checks and onboarding support. What sets us apart is our commitment to go above and beyond, providing an incomparable service that truly caters to your unique needs. We go the extra mile by extending a warm Irish welcome to international candidates, meeting them at the airport on your behalf, allowing you to focus fully on providing exceptional patient care.  

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Our bespoke onboarding service for our international candidates ensures a smooth and compassionate transition to Ireland. From booking flights and securing accommodation to providing sim cards and essential support, we make the journey effortless. Our commitment doesn’t end there – we accompany candidates on their first shopping trips and foster a sense of community by connecting them with fellow candidates from the same nationality. 

With our advanced technology, we swiftly identify and recruit the right people for your team, ensuring quick turnaround times and a seamless hiring process. Time is of the essence in the healthcare industry, and we understand the urgency of filling vacant positions swiftly without compromising on quality. We can efficiently screen a large volume of candidates and curate high-quality shortlists that align perfectly with your requirements. In fact, 1 in 3 of our candidates receives a job offer, ensuring that you can focus less on the interview process and more on providing exceptional patient care.

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Our dedicated team supports your needs. We manage all aspects of the recruitment process including interview scheduling, compliance checks, and even welcome international candidates to Ireland by meeting them at the airport on your behalf. You can focus fully on patient care and be confident that any query you have will be dealt with quickly and efficiently at a time that suits you.

We scale up to meet demand. We can provide large volumes of highly qualified candidates through our recruitment teams in Ireland, the UK and India, along with our worldwide network of partners. You get unrivalled access to the right candidates, regardless of how many people you need to hire.


We understand your world; we speak your language. We have unrivalled experience and understanding of the sector and offer regular updates on candidate progress. You are offered solutions to your needs no matter how complex, so you can plan accordingly.

Technology, innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of how we operate. Our sophisticated technology enables us to screen a large volume of candidates and oversee reference and compliance checks on your behalf. Higher-quality, trustworthy candidates are presented to you, leading to quicker turnaround times for placement.



We operate regionally, nationally, and globally, providing access to people in the right place. We have international recruitment teams in Ireland, the UK and India. You can be sure we will find the right candidate for you, no matter where they are based.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our best-in-class compliance standards, certified with ISO and JCI, and in full compliance with all regulatory health, safety, quality, and environmental standards. When partnering with us, you can rest assured that our staff are fully compliant, and your facility operates with peace of mind.

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