The HSE’s New Health Regions and Servisource’s Alignment 

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The HSE’s New Health Regions and Servisource’s Alignment 

As the Health Service Executive (HSE) transitions to its new health regions, Servisource Healthcare, an HSE Approved Supplier, is proud to announce our alignment with this innovative model to better serve our clients and the healthcare community. This change, driven by the Sláintecare programme, is significant as it aims to create a world-class health and social care service for the Irish people by ensuring everyone has equal access to services based on need, irrespective of their ability to pay. Servisource is committed to ensuring seamless service delivery by aligning our operations with the HSE’s new regional structure. 

Understanding the HSE’s New Health Regions 

The new HSE health regions will be the primary service coordination and delivery units for the vast majority of health and social care services across Ireland. This reorganisation aims to improve governance, leadership, and the integration of services, making healthcare delivery more efficient and accessible. Each region will be overseen by a Regional Executive Officer (REO) who will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality care that meets both national and local standards.

A transitional phase has been set up from March to September 2024, which will include the implementation of the primary changes in structure and assignments. September 30th will conclude the transitional phase with the commencement of all new REO Regional Executive Management Team.

Servisource’s Alignment with the New Health Regions 

In response to the HSE’s new structure, Servisource is adopting a similar regional approach across our divisions. By mirroring the HSE’s model, we aim to enhance coordination, improve service delivery, and foster closer collaboration with the HSE. This alignment will allow us to better serve our clients and the broader healthcare community by ensuring that our services are tailored to the specific needs of each region. 

As a preferred supplier of homecare in all 6 Health Regions (formerly 9 CHO areas) Servisource is dedicated to providing community services through Myhomecare and Isaac Care. Myhomecare’s partnership with Issac Care leverages cutting-edge assistive technology to deliver precise care, including 24/7 fall monitoring, remote health monitoring, and vital sign tracking within three days post-discharge.

How Servisource Healthcare Divisions Align with the New Health Regions 

Healthcare Temp Division

• A HSE-approved supplier of Nurses, Healthcare Assistants (HCAs) & Allied Health Professionals
• 95% Fill Rate
• Nationwide reach, 1000+ Temporary workers


HSE's New Health Regions

Our Healthcare Temp division specialises in providing temporary staffing solutions, including Healthcare Assistants (HCAs), Allied Health Professionals, and Nurses. With the new regional alignment, our Healthcare Temp division will operate under the 6 new health regions, ensuring tailored staffing solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities within each area. 

Healthcare Perm Division

• Best-in-class compliance standards
• Network spanning India, the Philippines, South Africa, the EU, and the UK
• 100+ NMBI Registered Nurses
• Bespoke onboarding service for our international candidates

International Nursing Opportunities: A Guide to Visas and Work Permits

The Healthcare Perm division connects clients with expert international talent, such as Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and Support Staff. Aligning our permanent staffing solutions with the HSE’s regions allows us to offer more personalised recruitment services, where our dedicated team manages all aspects of the recruitment process, ensuring compliance and efficiency tailored to each region’s needs.  


• HSE-Recognised
• only Homecare company in Ireland with the JCI Gold Seal in quality
• Personalised, compassionate care at home

HSE's New Health Regions

Myhomecare, a HSE-recognised national supplier of homecare services in all 6 Health Regions, holds the international Gold Seal in quality by JCI and ensures personalized and efficient homecare delivery. 

By aligning our services with the HSE’s regions, we maintain high standards of care regardless of location. Our rapid response support team operates nationally, ensuring capacity levels meet demand and providing high-quality care throughout Ireland. 

Celebrating the Transition

This transition marks a new era of collaboration between the HSE and Servisource, promising enhanced healthcare services across Ireland. The reorganisation is expected to have a positive impact on healthcare delivery by improving integration, coordination, and accessibility of services. We look forward to the benefits this new structure will bring to patients and healthcare providers alike.

Servisource are here right when you need us, providing the right people, in the right place with the right skills and knowledge to meet your needs and ensure continuity of care within hospitals and the community. 

Aligning with the HSE’s new health regions is crucial for achieving integrated and equitable healthcare delivery. Servisource remains dedicated to supporting the HSE and enhancing healthcare services across Ireland through our alignment with the new health regions.

Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to the care they need, right when they need it.