World Mental Health Day: Tips for Your Mental Health

World Mental Health Day: Tips for Your Mental Health

Making Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Global Priority

To honour World Mental Health Day on Oct 10th, Servisource wants to raise awareness and offer advice and information about how you can make your mental health and wellbeing a priority and support the mental health of others. At Servisource, we want to spread the word and break the stigma. This year’s theme from WHO is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.’

It is a chance for everyone to come together and make mental health a priority. 

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health but is often overlooked especially within today’s busy society. Mental health issues can show up in physical form as well as mental form therefore it is so important to make sure you are taking care of yourself. 

Mental health problems can appear in a variety of different ways and affect everyone- from anxiety issues to bipolar disorder to stress- it’s more common than we think. Sometimes we carry on with our daily lives without noticing, for instance, how stressed we are until we have a headache that just won’t go away. This is a sign that we need to slow down, clear our minds and stay present.  

Mental Health

It’s important to take time out to understand how we feel and why we are feeling it. Maybe we are overtired due to a lack of sleep because of something that is worrying us. Maybe we are struggling to concentrate because of something in our personal life that is making us feel sad and overwhelmed. There are ways in which you can make sure your mental health is being looked after, whether it’s journaling or swimming or simply reading a book. 

We chatted with our team about ways in which they make their mental health a priority, here are their stories: 

I’m really passionate about meditation and meditating for even 10 mins a day can really help to clear my head and prepare me for any bad days ahead

I realised a problem shared is a problem halved. Now I always make sure to talk to my friends if something is bothering me

Lighting candles, face mask, cosy socks and a show I have seen a million times is what keeps my mental health in check

Keeping a journal of three positive things that happened each day is a great way to stay positive during hard times

Being outdoors and walking is so good for you. There’s nothing like breathing air into the lungs, it really clears my head

Going for a walk whilst listening to the same playlist again and again is how I take care of my mental health

I love jogging after work as it really helps me to de-stress. I’ve been jogging for 4 years now and it has benefitted me physically as well as mentally.

Lighting candles, sitting up with a good book and a cup of tea is a great way to de-stress and help my mental health

5 mins playtime with my miniature Jack Russell Charlie is a great distraction from the stresses of daily life

At Servisource, there is a great team atmosphere and a range of initiatives in place that promote healthy mental practices for all its teams. These include fun challenges posted onto an internal communication channel where colleagues can interact with each other and participate in a fun way. Whether it’s a photography challenge, creative cooking challenge, swim-selfie challenge, or exercise challenge, there’s always something to take part in. A Support Hub with access to a confidential helpline with free counseling is also available and on World Mental Health Day, Servisource encourages everyone to take 15 minutes away from their work to do whatever it is that helps their mental health.

This is particularly important when we look at the following statistics from the Mental Health Foundation: 

  • At least one in six people has problems with their mental health in a single week. 
  • Depression is the predominant mental health problem worldwide, followed by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 
  • In 26 countries, depression was the primary driver of disability

Fortunately, there are many ways to get help. There are a variety of mental health services available with many people benefitting from therapy or medication or both. With the right treatment, it is possible to manage mental health problems and live a full and happy life. 

At Servisource, our Allied Admissions team supports mental health services on behalf of the HSE. It’s made up of highly skilled clinical professionals who operate a specialised transport service ensuring that the process is conducted in a professional, empathetic manner that safeguards the dignity and privacy of the person always. The well-being of the service user is an important consideration at every stage of this highly sensitive process. 

You can find more information about Servisource’s mental health support here: 

Other Resources and Help: 

This World Mental Health Day is a great chance to prioritise yourself and your mental health because when you take care of yourself, you are then in a better place to take care of others. Life can be difficult as well as good and it is important to know that keeping on top of your mental health daily, can help you cope when times get tough. A happy mind is a happy soul. 

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