2200+ Healthcare staff vaccinated in Galway Racecourse in Ballybrit

Some 2200 healthcare staff have received the Covid-19 vaccine at the vaccination centre in Galway Racecourse in Ballybrit.

It is a remarkable achievement given the vaccination centre has only been operational for one full week.

Operations in the centre only began last Thursday with the rolling out of the Covid-19 vaccine to healthcare staff across Galway.

The whole process of entering the facility, getting the vaccine and leaving the facility takes approximately 20 minutes.

It really shows the capabilities at the disposal of the health service when greater amounts of stock of the Covid-19 vaccine become available in the future. The rapid speed at which they can be administered will no doubt offer great hope for the months ahead.

The HSE missed its target of 100,000 Covid-19 vaccinations last week after there was a delay in the delivering of around 20,000 AstraZeneca vaccines. The Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has since confirmed that those doses will be received in the coming weeks and the HSE will be capable of making up for lost time by the end of the month.

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