7 in 10 people in Ireland would take Coronavirus vaccine – poll finds

According to an Ireland Thinks poll, 70% of people in Ireland would take the Covid-19 vaccine.

14% of the same poll said they would not take the vaccine, while 16% were unsure.

This follows another recent poll from Red C which indicated that 74% of the Irish public would take the Covid-19 vaccine when it is rolled-out.

For the Covid-19 vaccine to be fully successful, experts believe around 70% of the entire population must take the vaccination.

NPHET have already suggested that the key battleground in mass immunisation of the Irish population will be the ability to persuade enough people who are sitting on the fence to ultimately take the vaccine.

Public Health experts will have noted there is a slight drop in the numbers of people keen on taking the vaccination from the last Ireland Thinks poll in July where 73% of people said they would be in favour of taking a Covid-19 vaccine. The difference between then and now is the reality that availability of a working vaccine is imminent.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly have already confirmed a large pro-vaccine campaign will be launched when the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine occurs.

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