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Applying for Nurse Registration in Ireland but living outside of the EU?

Applying for Nurse Registration in Ireland but living outside of the EU? 

Are you applying for Nurse Registration in Ireland with An Bord Altranais, unsure of how this process works? We are here to help. With our skilled team of expert healthcare recruiters we want to make this transition as simple as possible for you.

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If you trained outside of the EU, then this blog is perfect for getting you started. We will explain what documents will be required as part of your application. Applying for Nurse Registration in Ireland is straight forward, however, you should only send documents after you have received your full application pack. An Bord Altranais (ABA) will issue you with this pack once we have processed your Registration Application Request Form.
To avoid delays in processing your application, you need to ensure that you provide all of the documents ABA require. Once they have received and processed your completed Registration Application Form, ABA will send you a full application pack.

This pack includes:

Check box• Your reference number
• An application form for you to complete
• Extra forms that need to be completed and sent directly to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) by a number of different relevant authorities, such as your current or previous employer and training colleges.


The table below provides more details about the basic documentation ABA require:

[row_fluid] [span3]Basic documents[/span3][span3]Group 1[/span3][span3]Group 2[/span3][span3]Group 3[/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Application form[/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Certified name documents[/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Fee[/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Photographs (x2)[/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Translations (of any documents not in English) [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Form A + transcript[/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Form B[/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Form C + (CCPS) [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Form D + (IELTS) test report[/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid] [row_fluid] [span3]Form E + details of graduate prog [/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]No [/span3][span3]Yes [/span3] [/row_fluid]


do notDo not send ABA any documents until you have received your full application pack. When you receive that pack, take care in completing the form and reading the declaration before you sign it. Read the instructions carefully to understand what forms within the pack need to be completed by relevant authorities and sent it directly to ABA.


If you have any questions in relation to applying for nurse registration in Ireland please contact Deirdre Treanor, Nurse Sourcer for Servisource Healthcare. For more information email