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Industry Insights: CRT – Candidate Experience

At Servisource , we understand the importance of the candidate’s experience throughout the entire recruitment process. This is why each candidate who applies for a role with Servisource will have a dedicated member of our Centralised Recruitment Team to assist them in their journey, from the moment they submit an application all the way through to getting activated as an employee, and beyond.  

Our Centralised Recruitment Team have made a number of effective and lasting improvements to enhance the overall candidate’s experience:

  • Continuous Communication & Engagement
  • Easy Application
  • Honesty & Transparency
  • Receiving Feedback
Continuous Communication & Engagement

We understand candidates can be left feeling frustrated or disheartened being left in the dark waiting on updates on their application. 

Our recruiters:

  • Ensure to communicate with candidates regularly following up with them at each stage of the application process
  • Keep them up to date with any new and relevant information on both their application and the position they have applied for. 
Easy Application

We have made our Application process more convenient for candidates, moving from paper application to now an online application form.

Our Online Application Form makes it easier & quicker for candidates to apply, and in turn resulting in getting candidates placed in a shorter time frame. 

Honesty & Transparency

We have a promise to our candidates to be honest and transparent with them from the very beginning to the end stages of their application

  • Ensuring the information provided about the role is clear
  • Providing clarity on the length of the recruitment process and what each stage will hold.  
Receiving Feedback

We are consistently asking our new starters for feedback on their own candidate experience during the recruitment process, discovering areas where we can further improve on to continuously enhance the overall candidate experience.  

Automated Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a people focused industry and the higher the calibre of human talent you can get through, the better your recruitment process is. At Servisource we use an Automated Recruitment Process which allows us to source top quality human resources and they can come on the journey with us from the comfort of their homes. 

Good talent is often hard to find, and businesses are always looking for talented individuals to better performance. The automated process allows us to identify and engage talent which saves both time and money. 

The impact of the ongoing global pandemic has presented many obstacles to people trying to find employment, this is an area where the automated candidate experience is extremely beneficial.

This automated experience allows potential talent to connect with us in ways they could not before. Candidates can complete the entire process from their laptop, tablet, or phone which helps stop social gathering, lessen the spread of Covid-19 and makes it more accessible for candidates from every location.

The automated process has streamlined recruitment and changed the way both candidates apply for jobs and the way in which employers look for talent. Candidates looking for a job generally want to start working and earning a wage as soon as possible. This automated process is much more efficient and cost effective as there is no travel time or costs for either party for interviews, letters, etc.  

Automated Candidate Journey

At Servisource the Centralised Recruitment Team works with an Automated Candidate Journey. The candidate experiences several online automated steps to ease the application process from start to finish.  

Studies have shown that candidates who have rate their experience as poor, 72% say this is a result of a negative journey from application to activation. (Source: CareerArc)

A candidate’s journey can be projected and imagined through certain key factors, recruiters can therefore envision how the candidate feels and experiences the process.  

Key Factors

  • Job Ads
  • Company Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Interactions with the Recruitment Team
  • Job Application
  • Application Communication
  • Line Feedback
  • Welcome/Onboarding

It’s important to note that each key factor plays an important role in the candidate’s decision whether to continue with their application or apply elsewhere. That is why each key factor should be a positive experience for the candidate. 

Servisource Recruitment Consultants have expertise in Temporary Recruitment. The recruiters understand that some candidates are active and searching for jobs, but most are passive candidates not looking for a particular role. It is therefore the duty of the candidate experience to draw new talent in and for them to recognise the opportunities available to them.  

The Servisource Automated Candidate Journey
1. Online Job Adverts

Online Job Adverts are shared by the recruitment team across all channels and platforms, reaching out to as many candidates as possible. All Job Adverts supply the recruitment team information, including a freephone number to contact the team. The team has a dedicated 24 hours, 7 days a week apply online form, through the recruit island jobs platform.  

2. Centralised Recruitment Team Website

The CRT’s proficient website captures candidates and employers as well as recognising the benefits of the team. Demonstrating the teams market knowledge and expertise to ensure the best appointments for candidates. 

3. Social Media Platform

The use of social media enhances the candidate search capabilities and identifies specific candidates with efficiency and accuracy. Using all channels to communicate their expertise in recruitment of Homecare, Healthcare, Business Support and Construction and Manufacturing staff. 

4. Interactions with the Recruitment Team

Automated Candidate Journeys limit paper-based submission and speed up the application process. The candidate journey involves an ability to work with the candidate on a personal level assisting them reach every opportunity.  

5. Job Application

The Automated Candidate Journey allows recruiters to communicate with candidates and work efficiently with the Job Application. Recruitment can easily identify suitable candidates for roles. The team can also identify how an application can be transformed or referred into another activation in another part of the business.  

6. Welcome / Onboarding

The final stages of the process are automated, collecting relevant bank details, references and sending out client information can all be done through the push of a button, making the recruitment process efficient and hassle free. In turn, the candidate experience becomes quick, easy and positive.  

Business Support & Construction Candidate Experience

Here at Servisource, when applicants apply for a role within Business Support or Construction, we aim to make the process as easy as possible for the applicant. We like to make the Automated Candidate Experience as easy and friendly as we can. Below we have outlined in stages from the candidate’s application straight through to placement.


Stage 1 – Application

This stage is where the candidate would choose the role, they would like to apply for on many of our job sites we are connected with. These would be the likes of Recruit island,, indeed and also LinkedIn.  

Once the candidate had chosen which role, its up to the recruiters from the Centralised Recruitment Team. (CRT)


Stage2 – Screening

When the CRT recruiter sees your application, they would get contact you about the role. This is what the recruiters would call the Screening stage. 

Servisource take pride in this stage as it builds up the relationship between the recruiter and the candidate. They would have a chat over the phone about the role and see if you would be suitable.


Stage 3 – CV & Interviews

If successful in stage 2, that’s where the recruiter would send the CV over for the client.

The client would then set up an interview. The details of the where and when would be sent out by a CRM (Customer Relations Manager) from Servisource.  

IF chosen for an interview at it goes well and get chosen for the role, this would bring you onto stage 4 of the process.


Stage 4 – Application Package

The recruiter would then send you out an application package via email. This would be requesting information such as:
References, GV request, Bank Details and some documents to be signed and returned.    


Stage5 – Activation

Onto our last stage. When all the information then gets returned, Congratulations! We can go ahead and activate the candidate with Servisource.     

Take a look at our jobs page to see if you would like to experience the Candidate Journey with Servisource

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