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Four times lucky –Servisource Occupational Healthcare resulted in a lifesaving, quadruple bypass.

Four times lucky – how a general health screening by Servisource Occupational Healthcare resulted in a lifesaving, quadruple bypass.

When Patrick’s employer offered their employees a health screening package Patrick signed up for it. Little did he know what was about to happen, almost immediately, saved his life?

Servisource Occupational Health Nurse, Leona

 Image: Nurse Lorna.

“It was Wednesday, 26th November that I had my health screening in a mobile unit in Ballinasloe. Leona, the nurse, conducted all the usual tests – took bloods and my blood pressure, tested a urine sample, conducted an ECG, things like that.

“After a second ECG, Leona told me that I needed to go to the hospital straight away. I hadn’t been feeling well anyway so her sense of urgency really encouraged me to go.

“I was admitted to hospital immediately so they could monitor me – I had only one working artery that was half blocked. My operation was shortly after Christmas. When I woke up, the doctor told me they had to do a quadruple bypass, but that it had went well.

 “In the days after, the doctor asked me how I’d been feeling before my operation. I told him I had been having acidy pains in my stomach – especially when I was driving the truck at work. “You’d been having silent heart attacks”, he said, “You’re one of the lucky ones.”

“Every day I’m getting better. I like walking so I’ve been getting out and doing a bit. I also like vintage cars and tractors. I was involved in vintage tractor runs in the past for charity, raising money for places like Galway Hospice. When I recover, I hope to do more of it. Next time, for the Irish Heart Foundation.


Thanks to health screening Patrick will continue to live his life and do the things he loves. Healthcare Screening is an essential aspect of maintaining health and is essential for detection, and in other cases, early prevention.