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Irish Jobs Market Shows Signs of Recovery

Irish Jobs Market Shows Signs of Recovery

Irish Jobs Market Shows Signs of Recovery. Truth or Fiction?

A headline that lifts our spirits slightly and gives us hope that, Yes, our nation is in recovery. We are back in business and Irish jobs are being created. Or, are we experiencing a false dawn, a marketing ploy by our government. Either way it is what we want to see. It is the headlines we want to wake up to every morning.

We get up wearily out of our beds, trip across the usual kids toys and low hanging furniture, switch on the kettle, popIrish Jobs with Servisource Recruitment the toast in the toaster and click on the television. While we are waiting for the fog of sleep to clear we hear in the background, Ebay have just announced the creation of 450 Irish jobs in Dundalk. In our body we get a little rush of the good chemicals that tell our brain, “hey, this is good news, be happy”, and we smile, we get that little lift of positivity. We leave the house with a spring in our step. Consciously we don’t notice it but unconsciously our brain has just processed a little bit of information which it recognises as good news. We arrive in work. Make our usual wake up cup of coffee and say hello and good morning to our work colleagues. Our brain kicks in and says “hey, we got to share this good news” so your first topic of conversation with your work mates is about the news, did you hear Ebay has created 450 Irish jobs in Dundalk. This thread of conversation continues from person to person throughout the day. It is our natural instinct to want to pass on good news. Its like trying to keep a really good secret, we simply want to share the good news that Yes, Irish jobs are back in business, our nation is recovering.

But is the reality different. Is our government really creating Irish jobs.

A quick scan through the usual online news channels today gives us a mixed bag of results.


FireEye and Hub Spot announce more Irish jobs

Two US companies have said they hope to create around 300 jobs in Dublin and Cork. Software security company FireEye is to establish its 

Liberty Mutual Insurance cuts 425 Irish jobs

Liberty Mutual is shedding 50 per cent more Irish jobs than expected when it made the original announcement, including a number of 

For Sale: Another Merck & Co API Plant – Cost, 280 Irish Jobs

MSD says plans to shutter an Irish API facility are not part of an outsourcing strategy and intends to relocate both staff and manufacturing.

Facebook expansion creates 100 Irish jobs

Mr Lambe, who described Ireland as a “hub of international tech talent”, said the jobs reflected growth in social media markets across Europe 

SuperValu to create 300 jobs in ongoing expansion

SuperValu’s move, which will push Irish job creation levels at the wider Musgrave Group to 700 posts this year, comes on the back of a strong 


I think you would agree, a mixed bag of results. For every positive news item on Irish jobs being created there seems to be a negative headline on Irish jobs being lost.

I think we have to always view the glass as being half full. Focus on the positives and ignore the negatives. Too much doom and gloom spreads faster than the winter vomiting bug. Negativity breeds negativity.

For 5 years I myself worked in a concrete production company. The first 2 years were excellent, on hindsight the tail end of the Celtic boom. The money was phenomenal, the work and stress levels atrocious. In all my years of working I have never worked in a more demanding and exhausting role both mentally and physically. But through all the stress there was always positivity. We knew work was coming in, We knew our schedule 6 months ahead, We knew the outlook was positive.

Then we hit the skids, the work dried up, the salary cuts started and the big bad wolf of negativity set in. Will we have a job tomorrow, will we have a job next week, will we still be here in a months time. I witnessed the most positive minded people I have ever known slowly and every day slipping further and further into a negative state of mind. We were surrounded by negativity with no sign of the light at the end of the tunnel. Every morning in the canteen it was stories of job loss after job loss after job loss. Mr Negativity had gotten his feet in the door and it catches, it spreads, it takes a hold of people, of a workforce and ultimately of a nation. Through constant media reinforcement we were bombarded with all these negative stories.

I have and always will consider myself a positive person, I will always try and see the good where there is bad so I made a decision, no more papers, no more Sky News headlines before work and no more moaning workmates. I consciously decided to remove that negativity from my life. The amount of times I had a workmate come up to me and try and start a conversation with how bad things are, how our country is going down the toilet, how his life was hitting rock bottom and ultimately “What we gonna do?” It used to make me laugh and reminded me of the 2 buzzards from The Jungle Book film, their conversation went like this

Irish Jobs What we gonna do?

Look, Flaps, first I say, “What we gonna do?” Then you say, “I don’t know, what you wanna do?” Then I say, “What we gonna do?” You say, “What you wanna do?” “What we gonna do?” “What you want…” Let’s do SOMETHING!

It was this last sentence that always stuck out to me. “Lets Do Something!!!” 

Take action. Retrain, Up-skill, Increase your knowledge.

Make yourself a stronger candidate for a job than the next person. Don’t moan, don’t gripe, don’t be negative.

“You got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”

Focus on the positive headlines of Irish Jobs being created, ignore the negative headlines of Irish Jobs being lost. Look at those positive headlines and say to yourself, “there is Irish Jobs being created, I just need to bring my skill set up to date to make sure I’m ready and able to apply for these type of positions”.

Irish Jobs are definitely on the up. They are being created. We are in recovery. We will see the light at the end of the tunnel. The decision you need to make is, Will you be Ready to apply when that job role comes up. Will you be the strongest candidate walking in the door to that interview?

We are the masters of our own destiny. We just need to realise it.