Myhomecare Awarded the JCI

International Gold Seal in Quality

Myhomecare Awarded
JCI Gold Seal

Following almost 2 years preparation and 6 months of audit work Myhomecare (Part of the Servisource Group) has been awarded the International Gold Seal in quality by JCI. 

They are now one of an exclusive group of 24 Homecare companies globally who have attained the required standard and the only one in Ireland in our sector. They join many of the most prestigious healthcare organisations in the country such as the Blackrock Clinic and St Vincent’s Private Hospital in holding the standard.

The homecare team also join our Allied Admissions team who also are accredited to the standard. 

This journey started a few years ago when the Myhomecare team commenced building the required policies and standards. This accreditation demonstrates the excellence in service delivery from the Myhomecare team and their dedication to their staff, clients and their families. 

“It is an unbelievable honour and achievement being the first homecare service provider of its size to achieve this. We certainly are pioneers for homecare in Ireland” Danielle Blower, Associate Director. 

What is JCI? 

Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares best practices in quality and patient safety with the world. They provide leadership and innovative solutions to help health care organisations across all settings improve performance and outcomes.

 They are considered the world leader in healthcare accreditation and the author and evaluator of the most vigorous international standards in quality and patient safety. JCI accreditation is one of the highest international standards and certification is recognised as a global leader for healthcare, quality of care and patient safety. 

Joint Commission International
– Global , World-class standard, Best practice  
– One of the largest, most prestigious international healthcare evaluators in the world 
– JCI standards were developed by international health care experts, the organisation itself is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) and is a World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre. 
– Pioneers for regulation in Homecare 
– Quality & safety is our priority in Myhomecare 

Why were Myhomecare accredited?

The accreditation process is designed to create a culture of safety and quality within an organisation that strives to continually improve patient care processes and results. In doing so, organisations: 
– Improve public trust that the organisation is concerned for patient safety and quality of care. 
– Provide a safe and efficient work environment that contributes to worker satisfaction. 
– Negotiate with sources of payment for care with data on the quality of care. 
– Listen to patients and their families, respect their rights, and involve them in the care process as partners. 
– Create a culture that is open to learning from the timely reporting of adverse events and safety concerns. 
– Establish collaborative leadership that sets priorities for and continuous leadership for quality and patient safety levels 

The JCI gold standard ensures that Myhomecare consistently delivers high quality, world class standards of patient care at all times with the patient at the centre of our care.  Receiving the JCI accreditation firmly acknowledges the quality of our homecare service offering. 

What are the benefits of JCI for the client?

– Increased focus on patient safety and risk mitigation and reduction in the delivery of care. 
– A focus on ensuring the best patient experience and outcomes and involving the patient in all their care decisions. 
– Focused on building a culture of patient safety. Maintains patient safety and continuous improvement at the heart of management decisions with the involvement and education of the client and family 
– Fosters a culture of safety throughout the organisation. 

– Designed to stimulate and support sustained quality improvement 
– Compliance with JCI standards will allow Myhomecare to be ready for when HIQA govern homecare organisations in Ireland. 
– Developed by health care experts from around the world—and tested in every world region 
– Developed by health professionals specifically for the health care sector 

What are the benefits of JCI for Staff?

– Increased focus on patient safety and risk mitigation and reduction in the delivery of care. 
– A focus on ensuring the best patient experience and outcomes and in turn ensuring the staff are trained to the highest standard to maintain this. 
– Focused on building a culture of not only patient safety but staff career protection and safety. 
– Fosters a culture of safety throughout the organisation. 
– Regular education and information with any new changes to care, policies and procedures. 

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