Our Core Values

In the pursuit of Excellence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Core values define who we are as a business. They guide how we behave and make decisions which affect Our Clients, Our Candidates, Our People and Our Shareholders.
1. Customer Focus
  • We protect and promote the Servisource/Cpl brand and reputation within the marketplace
  • We work in collaboration with each other and our clients seeking ideas and sharing solutions
  • We are committed to completing tasks to ensure that our clients and our candidates are not left waiting
  • We demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude in everything that we do for our clients both externally and internally
  • We deliver a comprehensive service to our clients through the quality of our product offerings and service
  • We are positive and energetic about our environment
  • We work with each other to create a fun environment
  • We demonstrate innovation by creating ideas and solutions Excellence in everything we do for our clients and internal customers and including a commitment to innovation
2. Accountability
  • We accept personal accountability for our actions and our results
  • We focus on building value for our clients, people and shareholders, finding solutions and achieving results
  • We do not make excuses or place the blame on others
  • We support decisions once they are made
  • We involve others in decisions that affect them
  • We keep our promises and commitments made to each other
  • We learn from our outcomes and we consider what worked and what didn’t
  • We seek solutions as opposed to just raising issues and support our people in turning new ideas into actions
  • It is not just about your part of the job or task it is about seeing the whole job through to the end, “it is not done until it’s all done”
3. Respect
  • We show respect for our clients, our candidates, our people and our shareholders
  • We demonstrate a commitment to integrity by being honest and open in all our dealings with our clients, our candidates, our people and our shareholders
  • We are professional and ethical in all that we do
  • We value all individuals within the Servisource/Cpl Group in particular for their diverse backgrounds, experience, approaches and ideas
  • We are positive in our outlook, attitude, communication style and we are supportive of each other and value teamwork
  • We listen to our clients, our candidates, our people and our shareholders, we seek clarity of understanding when communicating with each other
  • We take responsibility for all our actions, ensuring follow through on all tasks and deliver to a high standard
  • We make team success a priority and we look after team members Which is integrity, fairness, listening, co-operation, responsiveness, perceptiveness
4. Effective communication
  • We address each other in a professional manner
  • In our written communication we address each other by name, be clear and to the point, use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. In addition all emails both internal and external must have a corporate signature
  • We seek clarity from others, making sure that we have all the facts and information before we proceed
  • We listen to others, ask questions and confirm our understanding before proceeding
  • We create an environment which allows people to feel comfortable in checking the facts with others Clarity in communication, openness and willingness to listen ensures understanding of the request
5. Empowerment
  • We aim to make Servisource/Cpl a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be
  • We make all our people feel valued and help each of them to reach their full potential
  • We want to offer our people a chance to demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit by giving them the opportunity of realising their full potential and reaching their personal goals. We do this by giving our people a chance to prove themselves on a daily basis within the exciting and challenging career that working in Servisource/Cpl brings
  • We ensure that we promote careers within Servisource/Cpl to our internal staff
  • We are curious and show a willingness to learn from each other
  • We address people issues directly and provide honest feedback in a timely manner
  • We endeavour to break down internal barriers
  • We challenge processes that appear to slow down business activities and don’t add any value
  • We demonstrate passion and drive to get the job done
  • We never underestimate our competitors Enabling and supporting people to maximise their potential.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for the work we do