Servisource Pre Employment Screening

Verifying employee information, conducting the relevant background checks and ensuring their right to work.

Solid| Consistent | Appropriate

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Giving the employer a valuable insight into the candidate performance and behaviour.
Solid, consistent and appropriate background checks help to ensure that a potential hire is a good fit for the company, has gained the experience and earned the qualifications that they have stated on their CV.

Servisource provided us with a comprehensive tailor-made individual health screening programme for all employees. Using an online booking portal , the whole process was fast, efficient and confidential. Servisource were flexible in their approach as we have a 24 X 5 operations and screening took place on each shift.  Not alone were individuals given a detailed assessment report but more importantly the programme detected several significant health issues that required immediate medical intervention – something which the individuals concerned and we as company are immensely grateful for. The account Manager, Leanne, was in constant contact and available at all times to ensure that everything went smoothly. Zeus is very pleased to partner with Servisource as part of our Wellness programme.

Dermot Gallagher

Dermot Gallagher


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