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Servisource Recruitment establish London base

Servisource Recruitment establish London base.

The boom years have gone some would say, but one merely needs to look out across London’s landscape to remind them of how the market is walking back to health. London’s skyline is once again occupied with Tower Crane’s with regeneration schemes in most London boroughs, the construction market is finally seeing the development of years gone but with an increase in demand for workers.

With zero hour contracts not impacting on the construction market many unskilled or semi-skilled workers are turning towards it for work as they can secure employment on a permanent basis, something not seen within the market for some time. With the need to fuel the economic recovery more and more projects are being confirmed and the Government is backing almost all of the development plans within the UK.

It is also worth mentioning that more and more UK based companies are winning tenders and bids to create the London of the future. A two billion pound development plan has just been confirmed for Covent Garden along with many others that will help to create jobs, homes and offices.

The labour supply agencies in the UK are competing for business but lack the ethos and collaborative relationship a company like Servisource have achieved with all of their clients. A company who put the relationship first and develop with a client will always rise above the rest. It is not about profit it’s about service delivery, trust and honesty.

You trust us with your business and we will be honest in our delivery.

Servisource has been a major supplier in Ireland for over 15 years, won numerous industry awards and have many satisfied clients. It is for this reason they have now expanded their operations to offer the same standard of excellence for UK clients.

If you or your company would like to explore any opportunities to work with a company that collaborates with you on all of your recruitment needs I suggest you check out our web-site where you see what their clients say before you establish contact. You may also contact myself, Shauna Cahill, on to discuss further.