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Servisource Recruitment win Best Agency Online Service at the NRF Awards 2014

Servisource Recruitment win Best Agency Online Service at the NRF Awards 2014

Servisource Recruitment were absolutely delighted to be awarded The Best Agency On-line Service at the prestigious National Recruitment Federation Awards last Friday night in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. An excellent night was had by all at what has become THE calendar event of the year within the recruitment industry.Declan Murphy NRF Award

David Caldwell from Servisource states that “Our websites and our social media channels typify our approach to doing business on-line: the process should be efficient, easy and personal but more importantly it must take place within an environment which the user is comfortable in. Our unrivalled commitment to the ease with which clients’ and candidates’ can use our website is apparent in our dedicated real-time GPS location based ‘chat’ service. This ‘chat’ service can be used to contact a Servisource staff member to confidentially discuss any aspect of an application or employment position.

Servisource is the only recruitment agency in Ireland offering this level of ‘hands-on’ support to its customers. A recent customer comment on the effectiveness of our on-line chat system sums up exactly why we should be nominated for the best on-line agency. The customer simply stated “I have been on job sites all day and not one of them asked would I like help at what I was looking for”. This simple bit of feedback is exactly what we have worked so hard for over the last 12 months. This is our differentiation from our competitors and what makes the job so satisfying. Sometimes within the recruitment industry the personal touch can be lost in translation. Our aim throughout 2014 was to bring that back. From an IT point of view to forget about the emphasis on jobs and to focus on the people using our website and various social media channels and to really try and bring value to them. With so many digital touch points a user can interact with your business these days it is great recognition for us at a national level that what we are doing is right for the customer.


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