Step Down Modular Facility Installation and Management

Servisource Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary service provider with over 20 year’s experience in the Healthcare Industry.

Bespoke Solutions

As part of the wider HASS consortium, Servisource possesses the resources & capacity to install bespoke modular step down facilities, tailored to satisfy the Clients’ specific requirements. These can range from low acuity, to the highest acute ward specification.

Staffing Solutions

With a wealth of experience gathered over many years of providing staffing solutions to both the Public & Private Sectors, Servisource can supply Healthcare Professionals of all grades, configuring same to best suit the Client’s requirement.


Servisource Healthcare will operate the Step Down facility in accordance with the highest Clinical Governance, including:

  • Appointing a Case Manager / Project Manager for constant feedback / oversight.
  • Providing / maintaining the staff rosters, ensuring appropriately levels of trained / skilled staffs are available to maintain safe patient care.
  • Full cooperation at all times with hospital bed management to ensure the safest and most efficient use of the ward.

Service Aims

The principal aims of the Step Down facility and its staff is to facilitate the management of patients in accordance with the highest standards of safety and quality of care, ensuring:

  • Smooth & seamless admission of patients as dictated by their care plan.
  • Timely discharge of patients from the ward to their next destination.
  • Operate to an agreed set of Key Performance Indicators which ensures:
    • Patient turnover rates optimise bed availability.
    • Maximise use of modular unit to relieve pressure on rest of hospital
  • Seamless integration of the new service arrangement into the existing structure of STGH.

Key Success Factors

  • The unit functions as an integrated service within the existing facility network and is operated on a partnership basis, providing complete flexibility to the client in terms of staffing levels.
  • The core arrangement is set out in an SLA that provides the contracting party with the flexibility, to scale up or down at short notice and manage the cost / demand curve proactively.
  • The Hospital Manager and management team receive up to the minute statistics measured against pre- agreed objectives / outcomes