A targeted patient centred Initiative to reduce waiting lists by assembling teams of clinicians using insourced or outsourced models of care

Projects Completed To Date

Cork University Hospital


Ophthalmology Insourcing Patients Treated

Cork University Hospital


Plastic Surgery Insourcing Patients Treated



Audiology Insourcing Patients Treated

University Hospital Waterford


Cystoscopy Insourcing Patients Scheduled

Servisource at a Glance

Over 20 years experience
Nationwide Reach – Dundalk, Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick
Database of over 10,000 healthcare professionals
Bespoke project solutions designed & implemented
Award winning service provider
Full Regulatory, Insurance and Tax Compliance
A CPL Group Company


Benefits of Out/Insourcing

  • Reduces Waiting Lists
  • Convenient for Patients
  • Safe, Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Hospitals Retain Clinical Governance
  • Hospitals Retain Control of Process
  • Easily Inspected & Audited
  • Maximises Use of Hospital Facilities
  • High Levels of Staff Satisfaction

Our Credentials

  • JCI Accreditation
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Lean process design & implementation
  • Extensive database of clinicians
  • Rapid deployment of resources
  • Partnerships & collaboration key drivers of success

Our Promise

Rapid deployment of safe, efficient & cost-effective solution-based services

Reduce waiting lists

Provide high levels of patient and staff satisfaction

Impact of Projects

Developed several NTPF supported initiatives specifically designed to reduce waiting lists and patient dwell times while improving hospital discharge and patient outcomes.

Developed an expertise in optimising patient centred insourced and outsourced centred models of treatment.

Additional Projects

  • ASD / ADHD assessment clinics in CHO2 & CHO4
  • Dental waiting lists
  • Maternity / Peri-natal mental health services
  • Step-down / transitional care facilities
  • OT assessments and home support
  • Temporary / modular accommodation – South Tipperary General Hospital

Additional Services

  • Managed Staffing
  • Allied Admissions
  • Education Support
  • Homecare
  • Training
  • Occupational Health Screening

Cork University Hospital

Ophthalmology Project

  • Rapid Recruitment of skilled staff
  • Total patient management plan introduced
  • Rapid deployment of team of consultants
  • 200 patients assessed – 5 weekend clinics
  • 98% patient attendance
  • All projects completed in allocated time
  • Model designed to maximise patient flow
  • All patients assessed/diagnosed & received follow on treatment plan
  • All appointments fulfilled
  • Normal operations in unit unaffected

Cork University Hospital

Plastic Surgery Project

  • Surgical/Nursing/Clerical team recruited
  • Lean patient pathway designed
  • 60 patients assessed and treated
  • 97% patient attendance
  • All projects completed in allocated time
  • All patients assessed/diagnosed & received follow on GP treatment plan
  • All appointments fulfilled
  • High staff satisfaction
  • Normal operations in unit unaffected

CHO 5 Waterford

Audiology Project

  • Lookback process – 20 year review
  • 965 Patient caseload identified
  • Team of 12 Audiologists recruited
  • HSE Facilities used for project
  • Duration of Project: June – November 2018
  • High Complexity Caseload
  • All patients attending given assessment and follow up plan if required
  • Model perfected & transferable for all similar projects

UHW Cystoscopy Project

  • 300 Patient Caseload identified
  • NTPF Funded
  • HSE Facilities used for project
  • Duration of Project: Ongoing

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