How to Conduct Pre-Employment Screening Effectively

5 tips on finding the right homecare provider

How to Conduct Pre-Employment Screening Effectively

In today’s competitive job market, pre-employment screening is essential for both businesses and potential employees to ensure the best possible fit between the two parties. It can also protect employers from bad hires and liabilities. As an employer, you have a responsibility to make sure your new hires are of good character and are a beneficial addition to your team. To help you make more informed decisions when hiring we have broken down the stages on how to conduct pre-employment screening effectively.

How to Conduct Pre-Employment Screening Effectively

1. Determine the criteria

It is best to start by defining the specific criteria and requirements for the position you’re hiring for. You can then create a tailored process. Employers should carefully consider the job requirements, industry regulations, and company policies beforehand. Depending on the job role, the criteria may include background checks, drug tests, aptitude tests, credit checks, and reference checks.

Employers should also ensure their methods are legal and fair to avoid any discrimination or bias in the hiring process. This helps to identify qualified candidates who will contribute to the company’s success.

Ensure the candidates know the process and have provided their consent. It is best to inform them about how it will be conducted and how the information will be used. Obtaining consent is mandatory under data protection laws and Employers have an obligation to inform candidates of their rights and ensure that the candidates provide their informed consent before proceeding with the process. Failure to obtain proper consent may not only lead to legal repercussions but can also lead to a breach of trust between employers and their employees.

Servisource’s Check Your Candidate Service:

Check Your Candidate increases your company’s efficiency in the hiring process by conducting appropriate background screening & compliance checks on potential candidates.
Our services include:
• Detailed reference checks
• Qualification validation
• Employment history validation

Servisource’s team are here right when you need us. We have the right skills and knowledge to support you.

3. Application review

This is the time to check the candidate’s qualifications, work experience, education and relevant certifications. Application reviews can provide valuable insight into their background and work experience. By analysing their past work performance, employers can make informed decisions about whether or not the candidate will be a good fit for the role and the company culture. It is important to carefully analyse each application, looking for any inconsistencies that may indicate a lack of qualifications or questionable behavior.

Taking the time to review applications thoroughly can ultimately save employers time and money in the long run. By hiring the right person for the job, they can avoid the headache of a bad hire and set themselves up for success.

4. Conduct interviews

Interviews should be carried out with candidates who meet the requirements for the position to assess their communication skills, cultural fit and overall suitability for the role. This can’t always be judged by reviewing their CV or cover letter. By conducting interviews, employers can gain insights into a candidate’s soft skills, work style, and professionalism.

It can also help the candidate get a better understanding of the company culture, job responsibilities, and expectations. Interviews are an opportunity for candidates to showcase their personality, demonstrate their enthusiasm for the role, and make a good impression. It is important for employers to remain professional, unbiased, and create a comfortable environment for the candidate to open up and showcase their best self.

5. Background checks

Background checks can be conducted on shortlisted candidates to verify the accuracy of the information provided. These may include employment history verifications, education verification, criminal record checks, reference checks and any professional license verifications that may be needed.

The aim of these checks is to ensure that the candidate is trustworthy. It is important that laws are followed regarding privacy, data protection, discrimination and fair employment practices. Not only can it prevent costly lawsuits, but it also promotes fair and just hiring practices.

Did You Know?

According to Talent Board, 62% of employers say the top reason they use pre-hire assessments is to help hiring managers make better decisions.

How to Conduct Pre-Employment Screening Effectively

6. Skills and aptitude assessments

These assessments are performed depending on the nature of the role. They can include technical tests, cognitive ability tests, or problem-solving exercises. While they can vary in format and length, they all share the same goal of providing employers with a clear understanding of an applicant’s potential to succeed.

Through these tests, employers can assess an applicant’s abilities, including verbal and numerical reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Candidates who have undergone these tests have a better chance of landing the job they desire, and employers can be satisfied knowing they have selected the most qualified person for the position.

7. Documenting results

Records of the process should be documented. This should include the results of the background checks, reference checks and assessments. Employers need to ensure that they are keeping proper records and information in order to make informed hiring decisions. This then helps protect the employer in case of any legal disputes or concerns and can then be used to make informed hiring decisions.

In line with GDPR, processing of personal information for pre-employment checks are necessary in order to take steps at the request of the data subjects prior to entering a contract.

8. Communicate the results

Keeping the candidate informed about the progress of their application, this is all part of a positive candidate experience. It provides the candidate an opportunity to address any discrepancies or concerns that may arise. As an employer, it is crucial to communicate the results in a clear and concise manner.

Whether you are conducting background checks, drug tests, or skills assessments, it is important to provide timely feedback to job candidates and answer any questions they may have. This will create a positive candidate experience that can help attract top talent whilst boosting your company’s reputation.

Taking the time to do a comprehensive pre-employment check is an essential step in maintaining happy and healthy workplaces. By following these key steps employers can ensure that they are making the best hiring decisions possible for their companies and protecting themselves against potential liability. By investing time into understanding the applicant, employers can set themselves up for success and improve their chances of hiring high-quality employees that contribute to an effective work environment.

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The Advantages of a Flexible Staffing Solution

5 tips on finding the right homecare provider

The Advantages of a Flexible Staffing Solution

A flexible staffing solution is a practice in which job vacancies are filled with temporary, part-time, or independent workers. It is a beneficial option for companies that are looking to remain agile and stay ahead of both their competitors and changes in their industry. This type of approach enables businesses to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes or fluctuations in demand without having to commit fully to hiring permanent staff. We explore the advantages of a flexible staffing solution and how they help Irish employers take advantage of a wider range of skill sets, keep down costs, and fulfill staff requirements efficiently.


Adaptability is especially important in unpredictable industries, where fluctuations in demand can cause sudden changes to staffing requirements. It provides a solution for businesses where they can quickly scale the workforce up or down in response to this. Reasons for these fluctuations may include seasonal busy periods, market conditions, project-based work, and current staff being absent on sick or maternity leave.

This allows businesses the chance to adapt to these variations ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction. Having a flexible and adaptable workforce ensures that employers can cope with changing trends, sudden surges in demand, or unanticipated customer needs.

Did You Know

Two-thirds of employers expect flexible staffing use to increase in their industry in the near future.

Office worker. The Advantages of a Flexible Staffing Solution

Costs and time savings

There is the opportunity to benefit from a significant savings on costs as employers aren’t locked into fixed contracts or commitments. Temporary or contract workers cost less than full-time employees. Costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and training new employees are saved so employers can free up resources to invest in other areas of their business and stay ahead of the competition, such as marketing strategies. This in turn reduces expenses in relation to benefits, healthcare, and other employee perks.

Flexible staffing solutions can be used to find qualified candidates quickly while ensuring productivity remains high. It is a valuable time saver for employers. It does this by reducing absenteeism through skilled temp staff who are ready to step in when needed. This decreases turnover rates and cuts down on the onboarding process for new employees.

Flexible Staffing Solutions at Servisource

• Our online timesheet management system allows us to recruit and place the right people quickly and efficiently, adapting to any hiring needs.
• We are focused on the development and retention of our people ensuring continuity of business, saving time and costs on the hiring process.
• Certified with the quality standards ISO and JCI. We provide you with staff with the right skills & knowledge while reducing onboarding and induction time.

Access to specialised skills

Access to a diverse pool of specialised personnel is gained. Depending on your needs, businesses can bring in temporary or contract workers with a specific skill set to address a range of different requirements. It ensures they have access to the right expertise when it’s needed the most. Employers access a range of available workers such as contractors, consultants, and freelancers. With flexible staffing, employers can build teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skills, resulting in a more dynamic and innovative workplace. Employers can then ensure that they have the skills and expertise needed to take on any project or challenge that comes their way.

This also helps employers to make decisions and assess potential permanent employees. Businesses can evaluate flexible staff to assess how they fit into their company and their ability to contribute effectively to the organisation. It can therefore allow the company to expand through this trial period before taking on valuable, permanent staff if they wish.

Business and clerical workers

Employers become empowered through this staffing method and are able to respond quickly and cost-effectively to changing market trends. They can quickly adjust to available resources without having to consider the complex task of hiring full-time employees. It provides access to skilled talent with specialised expertise that would not otherwise be available. This gives companies strong, adaptable staff within a sufficient turnaround amount of time, while keeping down business expenses.

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CIF Conference 2016

On Thursday the 6th of October our team of specialists will be attending the CIF Conference held in The Hogan Suite Croke Park Conference Centre Dublin. Here is what a few members of team had to say about the ever growing and changing industry and how the services provided by Servisource can benefit you.

Servisource Construction:

The Irish construction industry output is to be 42% higher in 2016 than in 2012, according to the Society of Chartered Surveyors. Construction skills are once again in demand as the supply of quantity surveyors, project managers and senior engineers tightens. There are a number of obstacles standing in the way of this and the most commonly mentioned trend for 2016 was the continued effects of the skilled worker shortage. A significant portion of employees who left the industry during the recession never returned, and companies are still struggling to find workers at all levels to properly staff their teams.

The overall value of construction projects commenced saw a significant increase in the first half of 2016, rising by €1.12 billion to €3.69 billion when compared to the same period in 2015 according to the Building Information Index. This figure represents a very strong increase of +44% in the value of actual construction activity for the first six months of 2016 when compared to the first half of 2015.

Compiled from real time planning and project information by Building Information Ireland, the Building Information Index is measured by examining in detail the two distinct phases of a construction project. The first phase relates to project Commencements, which are projects where construction activity has commenced on the specific site. The second phase, which is an excellent measurement in real time of the sentiment in the sector, relates to project Applications. Both phases are measured for the first half of 2016 and compared with the same period in 2015, for comparative purposes.

Hence there has never been a better time to work in the Construction sector in Ireland and we here at Servisource Recruitment have a number of highly skilled positions available including Project Managers, Site Engineers, Quantity’s Surveyors and Contracts Managers and trades related roles nationwide. We understand that it is crucial for our clients and our sector, that we attract the best talent to suit your business.

-Amy Bradly, Business Development Consultant, Construction & Engineering

Servisource Healthcare:

At Servisource Healthcare, we believe that occupational healthcare is an essential aspect of maintaining the health and productivity of an organisation. As Ireland’s largest healthcare service provider, we believe that the healthier your workforce, the healthier your business. Here is how we achieve that goal.

We work in partnership with expert medical teams along with expert nutritional and health professionals to bring our clients tailor-made Health and Wellness programmes to suit their individual needs. Incorporating all our Occupational Health expertise we have the passion and the means to create behavioural changes in the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Our dedicated Occupational Health Management team will work with you to devise an Occupational Health Service which will work for you, your budget and your workforce.

Our screening programmes are tailored to your requirements. We are flexible and can adjust the range of tests to match your individual needs. Working in partnership with expert medical teams we use sophisticated diagnostic technology to assess your and your employee’s health

Our Health Screening Packages offer the following range of tests:

Body Mass Index (BMI) Glucose testing
Blood pressure Cholesterol & Lipid Profile
Bowel cancer screening Thyroid function
Lung function test Kidney and Liver function
Urinalysis Haemochromatosis screen
Lifestyle, Diet & Exercise advice Vitamin D
Cancer awareness Coeliac test

Servisource Healthcare are to here to make sure that your construction workers are in tip top shape to help your business thrive.

Join us at our stand at the CIF Conference where will be providing and demoing our health screenings  

-Chris O’Connor Training & Occupational Health Manager

Servisource Training:

We keep your organisation and staff compliant by providing reliable, cost effective and convenient training solutions. Servisource Training manages and certifies your organisations compliance with the statutory requirements within the construction sector allowing you to focus on your business goals.

A workplace injury or accident where the employee is not trained or compliant will cost you and your business.  Keeping staff compliant on a consistent basis is a major challenge for many clients, Servisource Training eliminates this issue by providing consistent cost effective training with little or no interruption to service delivery through our blended learning training solution. Our

”Blended Learning Training”, allows participants to complete a larger proportion of their training virtually, complemented by practical sessions.  This allows the participant to complete their course at a time and location convenient to them.  The client benefits as a result of reduced training costs and continuity of service is maintained as staff can train at appropriate times. Weekend and evening training is also provided to facilitate our client’s workloads and to ensure service delivery and standards are maintained.

Not only can training be accessed online but we can also manage your training needs anywhere in the country with our award winning mobile training unit brings training to our clients when it’s convenient – for them!

Courses that would be of interest to your construction business that Servisource provides:

  • Manual Handling
  • Safe Pass
  • Basic First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
  • Occupational First Aid

-Chris O’Connor Training & Occupational Health Manager

We look forward to meeting you at the CIF Conference which insures to be an interesting and informative day!

The CIF Conference 2016 will take place in the Croke Park Conference Centre

Merrion Square has expanded due to growing jobs market in Dublin

Servisource Healthcare has offices in Dublin, Dundalk, Cork and Galway and due to an increase in demand for staff in the Dublin, Mid-Leinster region the team at the Merrion Square has expanded. “We have a wide variety of opportunities for healthcare & clerical staff across a range of areas including acute, mental health, disabilities and care of the elderly” according to Aideen Fahy, Division Manager.

Servisource Healthcare is Ireland’s leading healthcare recruitment agency, specialising in placing nurses, carers, catering and domestic staff in hospitals, nursing homes, private homes and businesses nationwide.  Servisource supply highly skilled, professional healthcare staff enabling continuity of care during peaks in demand by providing fast, flexible and reliable staff at short notice. They help their long-standing clients manage budgets, reduce workloads, maintain staffing levels and deliver premium patient care. Servisource was shortlisted for the Best Large Agency of the year awards at the National Recruitment Federation awards 2015 which is testament to the exceptional service they deliver.

Front office team consists of Joanne Moody, Client Relationship Manager, responsible for managing the entire recruitment process and ensures a premium service is delivered at all times. The bookings Coordinator Michelle Zambra manages all rosters and prides herself on having a 99% staffing fill rate, as she understands that continuity of staff benefits both the client and candidate.  Michelle is one of the top 5 graduates in Ireland having completed the NRF Certificate in Recruitment Practice in 2015. Katie O’Neill, Recruitment Administrator is continuously and proactively attracting and vetting relevant experienced candidates so that a continuous pool of staff is available.

Servisource Recruitment have a large database of candidates available for work so whether you are a client with staffing needs on an adhoc or a more long term basis Servisource can tailor a solution for you.  Likewise if you are looking to work in a healthcare environment they have opportunities for nurses, healthcare assistants, multitask attendants, domestic and catering staff and drivers, contact Joanne today for more information Tel: 01 473 0474 Web:  Servisource Training also offer a number of compliant training courses for healthcare staff nationwide, providing complete onsite and offsite training for private and public groups. For more information on our training department contact Jenny Finegan on 042 93 68330.