Managed Solutions

Managed Solutions

A leading international provider of innovative workforce managed services solutions, mitigating risk and maximising profits for our clients. We provide quality, flexibility, certainty and security in a cost effective manner.

Servisource Managed Services Solutions removes the heavy administrative elements of rostering, recruitment, training & compliance by delivering ‘all inclusive’ and robust staffing solutions saving you time and money.

Our clients have a clear view of the future by having the right partner in the background.

We save our clients millions every year by streamlining the procurement of staff intensive activities and consolidating elements such as recruitment, vendor management, HR, rostering and deployment, compliance, pay and billing into one service.

Client Savings


by streamlining the procurement of staff intensive activities

We take the risk out of procuring staff by maintaining the highest standards of compliance and we train them to the client’s specification. Our in-house training division includes a mobile training unit which can bring training to our client’s facility at a time and place convenient to them.

We manage all elements of contingent staffing within the service, if there’s a gap it’s up to us to fill it!

“Unscheduled Leave” can be a big issue for clients, it has an impact on the quality of the service delivery and on staffing numbers, Servisource Managed Services Solutions eliminates this problem by delivering a consistent supply of highly skilled, compliant staff, ensuring standards are maintained.

We source highly skilled candidates local to client sites through our on-line database which is integrated with a broad  range  of  social  media  channels  facilitating  access to the largest candidate databases in the world in seconds. Combining demographic  targeting and highly trained social media sourcing specialists we guarantee only the most qualified candidates.

Our 24 hour service guarantees fast response times and excellent customer support from a dedicated team who go above and beyond our client’s requirements. We are ISO 9001:2008 approved providing a long standing trusted and reliable service.

We employ sector specific consultants with industry knowledge to manage our client’s staffing requirements at a local level. By reviewing operations regularly and providing excellent management information we help our clients manage their budgets.

As we have a proven track record and a global reach we are the partner of choice to many national and international businesses.

We manage quality and consistency of the service allowing our clients to focus exclusively on their business goals.

Our in-house core values programme governs all interaction with clients and candidates alike ensuring each encounter with us is a positive one.

Over the past 14 months I have worked closely with personnel from Servisource in relation to providing a Managed Staffing Solution on a stepdown ward in Co. Louth. To date I have found the level of service provision to be both efficient and reliable. The ward opened as a 15 bed facility and has expanded over time to accommodate 25 patients. This week we have further increased the bed capacity to accommodate 28 patients in order to meet the surge in patient needs at our local Acute Hospital. Servisource have always prioritised the provision of best possible standards in staffing and service delivery. During this time we have had to manage a number of complex situations and always felt fully supported by Servisource in relation to decisions made and in ensuring best practice.


co louth

Since 2006 Servisource have successfully managed and staffed a day care centre in Co. Cavan.  During this time we had to adapt and change the service we provide to meet our client’s needs. Sometimes this has proved challenging but with the help of Servisource we continue to deliver a very valuable service to the local rural community. The centre provides a lifeline for those living in isolation and our door to door, wheelchair friendly service ensures that all those who wish to attend the centre can do so. On a daily basis clients are provided with a hot meal, social activities and most importantly the care of our healthcare staff, ensuring all clients get the most out of their time spent at the day care centre.


co cavan

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