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Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

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Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

Adequate training is a key component of providing healthcare services to your patients. Staying up to date with industry standards in healthcare training is important for your team so they don’t miss any critical information or fall behind competitors. It allows healthcare professionals in Ireland to provide the best possible care to patients and maintain their skills and knowledge.

However, keeping track of all the changes within this highly regulated industry can be daunting. Processes should be in place within healthcare facilities to keep staff informed about what’s expected of them and to stay compliant with necessary updates from regulatory bodies. There are various ways to stay informed and updated.

Professional Associations and Organisations

Joining relevant professional associations and organisations offer access to the latest research, guidelines, and training opportunities. It is beneficial for healthcare staff to attend conferences, webinars, and workshops to stay informed about the latest developments and best practices. It provides staff with the requirements and updates from accrediting bodies and certification agencies relevant to their profession. They inform them about updates through newsletters, journals and member portals. They also set the standards for healthcare training and may even release updates periodically.

Healthcare Associations and Organisations:

National Irish Safety Organisation: a voluntary body dedicated to the promotion of health and safety in Irish workplaces.
Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association: represents the international research-based pharmaceutical sector in Ireland.
Irish Medical Organisation: represents doctors in Ireland to provide them with all relevant services.

Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

Continuous Education

Healthcare professionals should engage in continuous education to maintain their licensure and certifications. The Irish government and relevant healthcare authorities regularly monitor and review training programs to ensure they meet the evolving healthcare needs of the population. Many professional bodies and institutions offer courses and workshops that cover the most recent healthcare advancements and standards.
Our blog, The Best Online Training Resources for Healthcare Professionals in Ireland offers insights into top training resources with the benefits outlined in The Benefits of Continuing Education for Healthcare Workers.

Education Tips for Healthcare Professionals:

• Create a schedule or set aside specific time for learning and staying updated with healthcare standards.
• Dedicate time each week to read journals, attend webinars, or engage in other educational activities.

Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

Collaborate with Peers

Networking and collaborating with peers in the same field can be extremely valuable. Engaging in discussions and knowledge-sharing can help staff to stay informed about standards and best practices. Collaborating with peers on research projects related to healthcare training can lead to valuable insights and contribute to the body of knowledge in the field.
Joint research efforts may result in publications, presentations, or whitepapers that highlight the latest trends and advancements. Attending seminars and events allows staff to focus on specific topics or recent advancements and offers opportunities for interactive learning and discussions.

Advantages of Collaborating:

• Offers diverse perspectives on industry standards.
• Peers can review content for accuracy and relevance within the healthcare sector, ensuring that it meets the highest quality standards.
• Collaborating with peers can foster a sense of accountability and motivation to stay up to date.

Staying Up to Date with Industry Standards in Healthcare Training

At Servisource Training, we understand that training must be conducted by the right people. Our team are always flexible, and we continually provide training for our staff to ensure compliance is up to date. We offer best-in-class compliance and are certified with the quality standards ISO and JCI. We are a nationally recognised training institute certified to PHECC standards and affiliated with the Irish Heart Foundation and American Heart Association.

Servisource Training

We encourage all healthcare professionals to actively engage in training that is beneficial to them within their roles and in order to advance their career and personal development. Technology, innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of how we operate.

NHS worker

Staying up to date with industry standards is an ongoing process and healthcare professionals should dedicate the time to do this in order to provide the best possible care to their patients. Collaboration, joining professional associations and carrying out continuing education, can significantly contribute to professional development and allows healthcare professionals to stay up-to-date while enhancing patient care within the healthcare industry.

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