The modern workplace can be a high-pressure and often demanding environment, but employee wellness should always remain a top priority for organisations. A healthy and engaged workforce is key to long-term success. By staying on top of the latest trends in the industry, employers are better able to support their team members on their journey to reach optimal mental health and performance. We discuss the top 5 trends in employee wellness today and how they can positively impact productivity levels as well as business results.


Corporate Wellness with Servisource

• We work closely with our clients to understand the objectives & create programmes specifically for their needs.
• The aim of our Employee Wellness Programme is to educate and inform employees on developing individual practical changes to promote their physical, mental and social wellbeing.
• This will reduce health risks & improve the quality of life for the employee therefore increasing productivity, reducing absenteeism & improving the morale within your organisation.
• It includes: seminars & lunchtime talks on stress management, fitness challenges and self-care for leadership.
• You will have the peace of mind that our team are trained to the highest possible standards.


Remote Work Wellness

With the rise of remote work, occupational health departments have been adapting their strategies to cater to the unique challenges faced by remote employees. These programs now prioritise mental health resources, including virtual therapy sessions, mindfulness exercises, ergonomic assessments for home workspaces promoting healthy work habits, and catch-up video calls in addition to daily virtual workout classes.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout are also emphasised, as the lines between professional and personal time can easily blur when working from home. With companies realising the importance of nurturing their employees’ wellness in this new work landscape, it seems as though this trend is here to stay.


Mental Health Support

The awareness and importance of mental health in the workplace has been growing significantly. Occupational health departments have been implementing measures to address stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. This might involve offering counselling services, stress reduction workshops, mindfulness sessions, and creating a supportive environment such as workshops, that reduce stigma around mental health discussions.

Supporting the mental health of their employees not only benefits the workforce, but also has a positive impact on business outcomes. Companies are taking proactive steps to create a supportive and healthy work environment for their employees creating a happier and more productive workplace overall.


Health Screenings and Prevention

Preventive measures have remained a key focus for occupational health departments. Regular health screenings, vaccinations, and health assessments help identify potential health risks early on, allowing employees to take proactive steps to improve their well-being. Wellness campaigns promoting healthy habits like smoking cessation, weight management, and chronic disease management also fall under this trend.

By offering employees access to preventative health screenings such as blood pressure checks and cholesterol tests, companies are empowering their workforce to take proactive steps towards taking care of their health. As these trends continue to grow in popularity, companies are demonstrating their commitment to the health and longevity of their employees.


Technology and Wellness Apps

Occupational health departments have been leveraging technology to promote employee overall health. Wellness apps and wearable devices have gained popularity to track physical activity, monitor health metrics, nutrition guidance and provide personalised recommendations. These tools can help employees stay engaged and motivated in their health and wellness journey.

With the integration of technology into these kinds of programmes, employers are seeing a reduction in healthcare costs and employee absenteeism. As we move forward, it’s likely that technology will continue to play a significant role in enhancing employee wellbeing.


Holistic Wellness Programs

Occupational health departments have been moving towards holistic wellness programs that focus on the overall well-being of employees. This includes not only physical health but also mental, emotional, and social well-being. Programs may encompass stress management, mental health support, nutrition guidance, fitness activities, and initiatives to foster work-life balance.

Holistic programs typically offer a range of activities and resources for employees, including healthy eating and exercise programs, stress management and mental health support, and initiatives that address community and environmental issues. When employees are treated as a whole person and supported in all areas of wellness, they are more likely to feel engaged, productive, and committed to their work. This can lead to a more positive and thriving workplace culture, and ultimately benefit both employees and employers.


Employee wellness is an essential part of any healthy workplace. The five trends discussed can help employers take steps to create healthier working environments and empower employees. Harnessing the power of workplace healthcare initiatives can have resounding positive effects on your workforce and help create a truly productive and successful organisation. When employers think outside the box it helps to maintain their current employee well-being as well as attracting potential employees too. With thoughtful planning and dedication, employers are sure to see results that will benefit them as well as the company as a whole.


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