How to Create the Perfect Professional LinkedIn Profile


How to Create the Perfect Professional LinkedIn Profile

Why is LinkedIn so important?

LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network making it an ideal platform to showcase talents. It caters for a range of requirements including searching for new career opportunities, building professional profiles, connecting with other professionals in order to improve and information for students, the latest jobs, news, updates and insights. networking is one of the most important places to start. People you know on LinkedIn also know people, expanding contact reach. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to connect with colleagues and former colleagues to see where they are now and perhaps assist each other in your search. LinkedIn narrows the search for people within companies of interest, these people are available to network with and make it easier to get access into their company for upcoming roles, tips, knowledge etc. With around 470 million users it might seem hard to make your profile stand out from others, here are some on how to create the perfect professional LinkedIn profile.

Your profile


  • Fill out every section on your profile, making sure there are no empty fields, visually this will look better and it will also increase the likelihood of your profile being viewed.
  • Include a short piece highlighting your skills, achievements, experience and accomplishments. Include keywords that your employer would search for. Employers use LinkedIn to search for employees with a particular set of skills, so make it easy for them!
  • Your headline should stand out, use this section to explain what sets you apart and above the competition.
  • You should include contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail address, all social media profile URL’s, company websites, blog web address etc. This makes it easy for the employer find all the information they are looking for, it broadens the amount of content and makes it easy for you to be contacted.
  • Proofread - Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your profile and seek a second opinion from a friend or work colleague.

Keep everything current

Your profile picture is probably your first impression so make it count. It should be the most up to date professional photo of yourself, a graduate photo, a work photo etc. All recent work experience and voluntary roles etc.


Join groups that are related or of interest to you and be active in these groups. Engagement will help get you more reach and views and it looks good to employers.

Audio/Visual Content

If you have experience with radio, emphasize this by including a radio podcast. If you have experience with interviewing, include video content and so on. Adding this media will make your profile stand out.

Blog Content

If you don’t have a blog it might be time to consider one. Feeding your blog into your LinkedIn will help you get organic reach to your profile and to your blog. Write what you know about, your experiences and interests.

Share LinkedIn URL

Add your LinkedIn URL to your e-mail signature. This is a great way of exposing your profile and making connections with work colleagues and professionals outside of work. Put your LinkedIn URL in your BIO on Facebook and in your profile settings on Twitter.

So there you have it, some tips for updating your LinkedIn Profile, growing your audience and expanding your reach.

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