Winter Initiative 2022-23

Winter Initiative 2022-23

Servisource Standing Ready This Winter


Servisource understands that this winter will be challenging for the HSE with the simultaneous circulation of both COVID-19 and the seasonal flu which will have implications on the demand and delivery of health even with society at large returning to pre-pandemic norms.

The Servisource Winter Initiative ensures the HSE can focus on what matters most, your patients, by providing the right people with the right skills and knowledge, from clerical officers, triage nurses, doctors, healthcare assistants, porters to catering staff. Servisource staff will care for your patients every step of the way, even after discharge, through our bespoke homecare packages.

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    Servisource Winter Initiative 2022/23

    For the past 5 years, Servisource has released its annual Winter Initiative Plan to help support the Irish Health Service throughout the challenging winter months. The context for each Winter Initiative has changed drastically over those years.

    The high public adherence to pandemic restrictions in recent years mitigated many of the major risks posed to our nation’s hospitals and healthcare facilities. With the context of a more open society this winter, there is an expected increase in community transmission of not only Covid-19 but the seasonal flu. This poses new and greater challenges for our health service.

    Early estimates put as many as 17,000 Covid-19 hospital admissions into our health service over the course of the six months of this winter. With high estimates of having up to 700 people in ICU. The strain those level of numbers will have on the health service cannot be overstated.

    With the Australian flu season typically mirroring itself in Europe, it is already becoming evident that Australia is experiencing high hospital admissions during its current winter, and it is thus likely to repeat itself in Ireland.

    Servisource is therefore aware and planning on the basis that the circulation of both the virus and the flu simultaneously will have implications on the demand and delivery of health even with society at large returning to pre-pandemic norms.

    Servisource has the right people with the right skills and knowledge in the right place, combined with a track record of not only understanding the HSE’s needs but also having the ability to deploy its full might of resources to alleviate and provide solutions for many of the challenges the health service faces this winter.


    Servisource Temporary Healthcare

    Servisource provides temporary healthcare solutions that work for you. During this winter period, Servisource will be there when you need our support most.

    During peaks in demand, for example Holiday cover, we provide high quality temporary staff for a range of healthcare roles when extra resources are needed allowing you to deliver continuity of care.

    Winter can bring with it unexpected absences; we react quickly by supplying reliable healthcare staff at short notice. All our temporary staff are fully trained and based locally allowing them to start immediately whilst understanding local needs. Through our centralised recruitment team, we have national reach to find temporary staff.

    Our staffing solutions are a cost effective way to help you reduce workloads. Not enough time to book and sign off shifts, our booking app, ‘ZAPP,’ is there to allow you more time to deliver the best care to your patients.

    Our on-call team are available 365 days from 7am – 11pm which guarantees fast response times and excellent customer support.

    Servisource offers you peace of mind this winter knowing we operate to ISO and HIQA standards as well as being JCI accredited.



    Myhomecare, Ireland’s leading JCI Accredited homecare agency, has the capacity to manage Homecare packages across all 9 CHO areas prioritising Home First. Patient safety and patient centred care are at the core of all our services.

    Our Rapid Community Response Nurse Lead Team, supported by Clinical Nurse Managers, Client Care Managers and Bookings Coordinators allows us to commence care in the home within 24 hours after the Clients Hospital Assessment has taken place. This enables a speedy discharge from Hospital to Home, allowing for much needed increased hospital bed capacity.

    Myhomecare’s qualified and experienced Nurses and HCA’s will ensure continuity of care and patient safety. Supported by our One Touch Technology bookings system, this technology reinforces our remote care management platform driving standards of high-quality care and patient safety.

    Myhomecare is working in partnership with Isaac Care. Isaac Care is an innovative solution which harnesses the benefits of assistive technology to provide support for the hours of the day when our staff and family members cannot be present. It provides reassurance and peace of mind for the client and their families, while also allowing us to better tailor our care to the clients’ needs and monitor any change in their needs over time. The introduction of Isaac Care to our clients ensures that our clients receive high quality care 24/7.

    Myhomecare provide PPE, adhering to all infection control measures as advised by the HSE Public Health Department. Our COVID – 19 preparedness plans are available on our website


    Isaac Care Assistive Technology

    Isaac Care is an assistive technology solution aimed at supporting people to live safely and independently in their own homes. Leveraging the benefits of assistive technology along with 24/7 care, Isaac Care allows for the right care to be delivered in the right place and at the right time.

    Isaac Care uses the latest technology to ensure our clients are safe and well. We provide a 24/7 fall monitoring service, remotely monitor our clients’ health readings, and alert their circle of care if we notice any changes in their health over time. We can also allow clinicians access to the data, facilitating data driven decision making and enabling better patient outcomes.

    Our vision is to utilise assistive technology to improve the quality of care delivered within the community. We are committed to making an impact on our clients by enabling them to live safely and independently in their own homes, while providing peace of mind to those caring for them. Learn more by visiting


    Business Support

    Our Business Support Team specialise in supplying staffing solutions to suit every need of the HSE, whether temporary, permanent or contract.

    Supplying Clerical and Medical Secretary staff within all HSE disciplines nationwide including Primary Care, Health Centres, Acute Hospitals, Maternity Care, Mental Health Services, Children and Family Services to name a few.

    Understanding the HSE’s time is valuable, we reduce their workload by managing the full recruitment process from beginning to end – Advertising, sourcing, interviewing, placement & post placement support. As well providing each client within the HSE with their very own dedicated Account Manager and specialised Recruitment Team who will be fully available to assist the HSE on their recruitment journey.

    Our aim is to reduce staff turnover within the HSE by recruiting high quality Clerical Officer candidates specifically for the department the HSE requires assistance within such as Reception, A&E, Admissions Department, Medical Records etc.

    To further display our valued our relationship with the HSE and our full confidence in our staff’s ability to deliver a quality service, we have a implemented a no placement, no fee policy which in return means no risk for the HSE.


    Assisted Admissions

    The Assisted Admissions Team provides a specialised mental health patient transport service across Ireland on behalf of the HSE. This service allows for the transfer to or return of a person to an approved centre in accordance with section 13 and section 27, of the mental Health Act, 2001.

    Our Assisted Admissions team are vetted by the HSE and fully qualified in the safe transfer of mental health patients.

    Allied Admissions service is the only such service in the world to be accredited to Joint Commission International Standards (JCI) and operates to ISO 9000:2015 standards in terms of its systems and processes. Learn more by visiting


    Servisource Training

    Servisource Training provides extensive tailor-made, flexible training for all companies to cater for their individual needs both online and classroom training.

    Courses available include Patient Moving & Handling, Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults, Basic Life Support, Heartsaver AED, MAPA (Management of Actual Potential Aggression) and Fire Safety Awareness.

    All our trainers have a wide range of qualifications and experience that can be utilised for any project.


    Servisource Occupational Health

    Servisource Occupational Health facilitates Pre-employment screening medicals for all Doctors & Nurses entering the HSE hospitals and facilities. Our Occupational Health Division has a nationwide network of Occupational Health Nurses & Doctors including a mobile screening clinic which can be deployed to any location.

    We provide a range of Health Screening programs and Health Surveillance services, including Vaccinations.

    Servisource Occupational Health can look after the Health & Wellbeing of all HSE staff members by providing wellness programmes to educate employees on developing individual practical changes to promote physical, mental & social wellbeing.

    Services on offer:
    – Covid-19 PCR & Antigen Testing
    – Pre-Employment Screening
    – Health Screening programmes
    – Corporate wellness & workplace wellbeing
    – Occupational Medicals

    Building Capacity

    Servisource aims to assist the HSE in its optimisation and creation of capacity across the three critical stages of the patient pathway; admission avoidance/alternative pathways, inpatient flow and egress. 

    By aligning ourselves with the HSE’s capacity building initiatives, we are also able to support the Sláintecare vision of ‘the right patient in the right place at the right time’. 

    With the healthcare system facing extreme challenges in the form of increased Covid-19 and flu presentations this winter, the building of capacity is required to deal with the sheer volume of both unscheduled and scheduled activity within the service. 

    Pathways of Care

    Servisource is fully prepared to support the alternative patient pathways that are to be implemented by the health service over the coming winter period. This will not only help to reduce the number of presentations and admissions into hospitals, but will also improve patient flow and discharge.

    Workforce Planning / Recruitment

    One of the more challenging issues currently facing the health service is the consistent and available supply of a health workforce. As of 2021, the average staff turnover rate for the health service stood at 7.7% according to the HSE’s Health Sector Workforce Turnover report.

    The extra requirement of staff was also exasperated over the past 18 months by the unforeseen additional workforce requirements for the national vaccination rollout, the criminal cyber-attack and the surges of COVID-19 throughout the year.

    With the unpredictable environmental context both nationally and internationally, and its overall impact on the labour market, Servisource aims to provide the health service with more stability regarding its workforce.

    Vaccinations / Swabbers

    With a strong flu and Covid-19 winter season expected, vaccinations will play a key role in protecting many of the most vulnerable people in society. With a specific focus on the older demographic of the population, it is vital they are fully vaccinated to help reduce their admission into emergency departments.

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    Contact our team today using the form below to learn more or alternatively please contact us directly on 1800 603 604

      Please choose the service you require from the following drop down menu:

      Do you require Permanent or Temporary Staff?

      Are you Looking for Staff or Looking for a job?

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