Our Approach

As an expert service provider, we support clients to solve capacity or skills challenges through the provision of a bespoke managed staffing service or a managed facilities and staffing service that supplement or increase capacity, clear waiting lists and deliver results. Whether managing a service on behalf of a client (e.g. a step-down unit), running a specialist initiative for a client (e.g. clearing a waiting list in a specialist area) or stepping in with both facilities and staff to compliment a client’s service provision (e.g. adding modular units and staff to support increased capacity) we work with clients to deliver patient impact and achieve results.

We provide a range of specialist managed services in the healthcare space including homecare, healthcare training, assisted admissions, workplace health-screening and wellness programmes amongst others. A number of these specialist healthcare services are delivered through sub-brands such as Myhomecare, Allied Admissions, Servisource Occupational Health Screening, Servisource Education Support & Servisource Training.

  • Homecare –our Myhomecare service is a nurse-led, care in the home service, supporting children, young adults and older persons by providing individualised and personal care through a team of registered nurses and experienced carers

  • Myhomecare have recently launched a ground-breaking initiative ‘ISAAC’ Independent Support and Ambient Care. This will combine the latest technology with one to one personal care. Myhomecare’s philosophy is that people are happier and live longer in the comfort of their own home so we started looking at way’s technology could support this. It promotes independently living at home for longer by encouraging active lifestyle, ensuring client safety and always putting the client first.

  • Assisted Admissions –our Allied Admissions service, run on behalf of the HSE, is a psychiatric nurse-led service delivering assisted admissions

  • Training–we provide a complete portfolio of nationwide healthcare training services to both private and public organisations and individuals

  • Education Support –providing appropriately qualified and experienced Educational Support Workers (ESWs) to assist individual students with disabilities to access higher education

  • Occupational Health –providing health screening and workplace health and well-being seminars to employers all over Ireland

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