Servisource – Providing Support at Every Stage Along the Care Pathway from Birth to End of Life

Servisource is as the name suggests – the source of great customer service in recruitment, staffing and managed services. The business is divided into two operating divisions – Servisource Recruitment and Servisource Healthcare.

Servisource Recruitment is one of the largest recruitment companies in Ireland and part of the CPL Group. It specialises in providing staffing solutions in Healthcare, Clerical/Admin, Construction and Warehousing and Logistics. We place staff on a permanent, contract or temporary basis. Servisource has 17 years’ experience in delivering great staffing solutions throughout Ireland, the UK and for Irish clients who place teams abroad. Our impressive success and fill rates are achieved by employing highly motivated, sector specific experts.

Established in 2004 Servisource Healthcare, specialises in delivering bespoke in/outsourced solutions to the public and private sector in Ireland. We have a thriving homecare business – We provide training and occupational health screening. Our Allied Admissions team provides a much valued and important service, safely transferring patients to psychiatric facilities nationwide. Servisource ESW is the largest provider of Education Support Workers in Ireland, assisting 3rd level students with disabilities equal access to their chosen course of study. Finally, Servisource Managed Services operates a variety of medical services across the country including Transitional Care Units, Day-care facilities, Clinical processes and other custom-made services on an in/outsourced basis.

Servisource prides itself on the close relationship it has built with the public sector over the past 17 years. The company has been placed on many frameworks with the OGP including appointments management and occupational health. We are a long-term partner to the HSE, SOLAS, Poball, the HRB and many more in terms of providing tailor-made staffing solutions. In fact, most of the services described above are designed and delivered in partnership with public agencies.

The public sector is important to our business. In a fast-moving environment, public services rely on contingent staffing and tailored services to respond to the needs of the population. Our role is to be there when they need us in the areas of healthcare, administration, training and outsourced services.

Servisource has exciting plans to expand our recruitment and managed service divisions. We have recently launched our brand and website which intends to become a ‘go to’ portal for candidates and clients to source the best candidates and opportunities. The personal touch is always valued, however, the recruitment process is becoming more automated and prospective candidates are more mobile when accessing information. RI is responding to this by offering an app which operates as a gateway to the best jobs online and for clients who can upload profiles to attract the best candidates.

Managed Services has launched ground-breaking new initiatives recently, including: VIZIER. Vizier is an intra EU project which will use the internet of things (IoT) to facilitate social companionship for older people living at home. It aims to provide a common user-friendly platform where service users gain easy access to information and services in a non-intimidating and secure manner. See here for information on Vizier:

Pre/Post Natal Care – for expectant and new mums, Servisource provides experienced midwives and nurses to assist with the preparation for birth and providing support in those crucial few days and weeks adjusting to new circumstances. See more information on our maternity nursing service here: 

Outsourced/Insourced Medical services – Servisource has recently been appointed to the National Framework for the provision of buildings and staffing to carry out vital procedures to address waiting lists and relieve the pressure on the public system. We are providing solutions in the areas of gynaecology, endoscopy and cataract surgery at many locations.

Our aim is to continue to work closely with the public sector to deliver world class services in staffing and healthcare solutions. We will continue to understand, integrate and develop new solutions in partnership with the public service to assist them to achieve their vision for a better Ireland.

My 10 Year Journey With Servisource Recruitment

Servisource Recruitmetn Logo

My 10 Year Journey With Servisource Recruitment

Most people don’t set out to become recruiters. Anyone in recruitment will tell you that somehow, we just happen to ‘fall’ into the profession.  I know I sure did, when growing up I always wanted to be a Vet 😊

From The Start!!

I started off working for a recruitment company temping in various roles as a secretary within hospitals, clinics etc.   I was then taken on as a Recruitment Consultant for the company. I didn’t know what to expect, could I handle the stress and pressure that came with my new career?  The role was fast paced with people moving from one role to another, clients ringing in needing candidates immediately.  Candidates also ringing at the last minute, telling me they couldn’t go to work and letting my client and I down at the last minute.  This by no means was an easy job, but strangely I was enjoying it.

I left this role after 2 years feeling the need to explore new avenues.  I moved into Retail and then onto becoming a Travel Agent.  I knew at this point that I enjoyed helping people with their dreams and sales was something that came naturally to me.  Our company was bought over, which led to new management, new rules and new everything.  All of a sudden, the job wasn’t enjoyable any longer. It was all about targets not people.  So I left…………

The Interview!!

I saw an advertisement in the paper the following day-the position of a Recruitment Consultant in Dundalk. I thought, this is it, I need to go back and give recruitment another go.  I applied for the job, got an interview a few days later.  The interview was an experience I will never forget.  You know when you are asked at an interview, ‘Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years time?’, my response was, ‘do you want to hear what I should say or the truth’.  Both managers seemed intrigued, so of course they asked for me to tell the truth. I began telling my story of how I want to be running, owning and managing my own dog and cat rescue centre.  Not the best of answers to give what could be your future employer.   I cringed thinking to myself what have I just done and there goes that idea of being part of this company.  To my own disbelief, later that evening I received a call to say I was successful and could start on Monday.  I was delighted, that’s where it all began. What I didn’t realise, was this would be my 10 year journey with Servisource Recruitment.

My New Venture Began!!

My new role was a Recruitment Consultant for the Healthcare Division. When I say I didn’t really know anything about Healthcare and the roles within it, this was an understatement.  I had to study all the terminology as basic as what a RGN, DON were to what a Peg feed was, but I was adamant that I wasn’t going to let this beat me.  After a few weeks, I soon settled in getting to know the terminology, chatting to the clients, placing my candidates, I knew from then that this is it, this is what I want to do.  I eventually found a role and a company I was happy in.

Our team back then was a lot smaller, it consisted of two people running the healthcare division, along with our Manager, 3 staff in payroll and HR, an office manager, 1 person in marketing, 4 in construction and our Managing Director.  We may have been a small team but we were a very happy and energetic team with passion and a true family feel.

Two years later the company was thriving, I had assisted my manager in setting up offices based in Cork, Galway and Dublin.  We had new divisions one of which I started for Catering and Domestic in hospitals.  New people were joining our team, I was promoted to Team Leader and the company was growing fast.  We developed the healthcare division so much that at this stage it was taking over other divisions thick and fast.

My clients and candidates were like friends to me and my colleagues were like family.  Servisource Recruitment always put people and their service first before profit which was one of our main reasons for becoming the successful company that we are today.

Opportunities were endless!!

In 2011, Servisource wanted to expand the company into Northern Ireland so I was given the opportunity to become Regional Manager in Belfast, this was an exciting and fresh challenge for me and I loved my new role.  We were getting jobs in for nurses across Northern Ireland and the UK. In 2012 I was selected as a finalist with the NRF (National Recruitment Federation) Awards for Top Recruiter in Ireland.  I felt a massive sense of pride and had my team and company behind me, supporting me all the way.   I remained as Manager in Northern Ireland for 2 years, but I felt that my time had come to try a new area within Servisource, as I had given the past 5-6 years to Healthcare.  In our Head Office back in Dundalk an opportunity arose for me to work as a Business Development Manager for the Temporary Division Team. This gave me the opportunity to throw myself into a new area and gave me the desired challenge I was seeking.

I began from scratch, getting to know the industry, the clients and the candidates.  Servisource always gave me plenty of training and support to aid me achieve success in my new division.   The division expanded and I got to know my candidates and clients needs and requirements.  When managing my own desk in the temporary division I identified a gap in the market for a permanent division desk within Supply Chain Management and one for Clerical.  I put a proposal forward to my CEO which he welcomed and encouraged me to pursue the opportunity.

Where I am now!!

To date my new role is Senior Consultant for the Permanent Division and I am loving it.  I oversee the recruitment needs for all my clients across Supply Chain Management and Clerical throughout Ireland.  Servisource has always been good that way, if you have a dream, passion or an innovative idea, they back you 100% to pursue it. They are true believers in giving you the best opportunity to develop internally and support you with training and marketing requirements in order for everyone to you achieve their goals.

Team Spirit!!

Our company today, still has some of its original staff from when I first started. Servisource now have offices nationwide and over 40 staff in our Dundalk Head Office.  What a difference this was to when I first started out.  Servisource has been a great support to me both personally and professionally.  This is the place where I grew up, made friends for life and have a massive Servisource family of support around me each day.  What I love most and the reason why I am here 10 years is down to the people that I work with.  There are days that you don’t be in the mood for chat or have issues at home and other stresses in your life. When you walk through those doors, you always have people that genuinely care for you and want to support you, a true, unique team spirit.

When starting on the beginning of my career journey, I always thought it was about how much money I could make or would I have to work over time or weekends.  As important as these factors are that everyone has to consider, I believe it is more important that you are happy in your work environment and have a great team behind you backing you all the way.  I have been very lucky to have that throughout my journey 😊

Servisource has taught me so much in my years here, to believe in and follow your dreams.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the highs and lows of working here this past 10 years and I hope to have another further 10 years to come with you all, what that may bring no one knows 😲

See here video of me describing my role with Servisource: 


by Lisa Russell – Supply Chain Management Consultant  


National Carers Week 2017 – Looking after the carer

National Carers Week 2017

National Carers Week 2017 – What is it? 

Celebrating its 11th year, National Carers Week takes place this week from Monday 12th – Sunday 18th June. National Carers Week aims to highlight and recognise all the hard-working carers in Ireland. This is a great time to raise awareness of the valuable contribution that carers make to all of our lives. The week is being coordinated by Care Alliance Ireland, in partnership with The Alzheimer Society, The Irish Cancer Society, Family Carers Ireland, The Disability Federation of Ireland, MS Ireland, Acquired Brain Injury Ireland, Inclusion Ireland, St. Michael’s House, The Irish Hospice Foundation and The Special Needs Parents Association.

Servisource Healthcare 

To celebrate National Carers Week, we would like to thank and praise our dedicated carers in Servisource Healthcare. At Servisource, we have an exceptional team that works with us both internally and externally. They are dedicated, hard working, reliable and willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our care recipients and families receive the best quality of care. Special events are taking place nationwide to celebrate carers. For the full list of events across Ireland, please visit: 

Being a Carer

We would also like to acknowledge all carers across Ireland for their continuous hard-work. This week should encourage others to support carers who they know and give them the well-deserved break that they deserve. National Carers Week is important as many people throughout Ireland can relate to it. From the carers that have chosen it as a career, to the people that provide care for family members and loved-ones. You could say that caring applies to almost everyone as there are those who have been caregivers, those who currently are caregivers, those who will be caregivers and those who will need caregivers. There are around 360,000 family carers in Ireland at present.

As people are living longer, the call for care is increasing, resulting in the expansion of the care industry. Carers are seeking more respite services and support. What is a carer? Some might say that a carer is an angel without wings. A carer is many things. It is someone who can show empathy, respect, patience and kindness. A carer treats a person the way that they deserve to be treated. Due to their dedication, some carers might experience guilt if they do things for themselves so they end up focusing solely on the patient and neglecting their own needs, resulting in burnout or stress. The exhaustion from this stress can result in the reduction in the quality of care being delivered by the carer. As you cannot pour from an empty vessel, a good carer knows that to be able to care for others, they must also care for themselves.

Stress and the carer 

Being a carer can be demanding and being under pressure can lead to stress, especially if you feel you have little control over the situation. People handle pressure and react to stress in different ways so what might be stressful to one carer might not be to another. There are many symptoms of stress and stress can affect the way you think, act and feel. It can also have physical impacts. Here are some signs that you may be stressed.

Symptoms of stress:

  • Depression
  • Exhaustion
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Constantly worrying
  • Insomnia
  • High blood pressure
  • Low-mood
  • Racing thoughts
  • Repeatedly going over things
  • Constantly on the go
  • Change in eating habits
  • Temper
  • Unsociable
  • Drinking/smoking more
  • Headaches
  • Muscle tension

Coping with your stress 

Above are only some signs and symptoms of stress, it is important that if you feel you are experiencing signs of stress that you identify it right away and use techniques that help you DE-stress. If you are experiencing long-term stress that is affecting your health you should visit your local GP immediately. A lot of people are unwilling to ask for help when feeling stressed, but asking for help or talking to someone can help. If your stress is affecting your daily life it is important to talk to someone, whether it be a friend, a family member or a counsellor. Talking to someone else can help to relieve stress and if you ask for advice you could find yourself resolving  your problems.

Tips for reducing stress

  • Deep-breathing – practice relaxation.
  • Listening to music -music can release endorphin’s and happy hormones, reducing stress.
  • Reading – distracts the brain form stress.
  • Walking –  releases endorphin’s and reduces depression.
  • Reduce caffeine intake as it can worsen stress.
  • Reduce alcohol intake – alcohol is a depressant and can reduce stress in the short-term but in the long-run can cause anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Exercising – boosts mood.
  • Getting enough sleep – sleep deprivation can have many emotional side affects such as irritability, loss in concentration. It can also have serious health complications such as heart disease and stroke.
  • Remain positive – don’t focus on the negative, life is too short.
  • Laugh! Life isn’t about waiting for the bad moments to pass, it is about learning how to love and live in them.

Reward yourself 

  1. Care-giving is a job and remember that in a job you are entitled to breaks. Take a rest when rest is due. Tiring yourself out will only make you irritable, affect your health and the quality of your care.
  2. When people offer you their help – accept it. Help might not come by that often and instead of feeling that you must do everything in your power for your patient, accept that you deserve a break and that people genuinely might want to help.
  3. Grieve but allow yourself to move on. Losing a patient or a loved-one is never easy. Try not to hold on to the past or to have regrets. Focus on the present and do the best that you can as a caregiver.
  4. Stand up for your rights as a caregiver. Learn your patients condition inside out and explain this to doctors. Don’t underestimate yourself, know that your efforts to love and make your patient feel comfortable and safe is the most important thing. Go with your gut instinct and fight for what you believe you and your patient are entitled to.
  5. Embrace your care-giving choice: Sometimes carers can feel resentment from stress or burnout but remember why you have made the choice to provide care and focus on this. It was either that you felt you would be the best provider for your loved-one, that you love looking after people, you want to nurture and care for people and have an impact on the welfare of their life.
  6. Don’t let care-giving take over your whole life. Get some hobbies, take up something you have always had an interest in. It is important not to lose who you are as a person.

Caregiver Tips

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